Dental info


Carole-I am only ‘smiling’ to show the space where the crown is suppose to go! : )
Barbara-the water pik (I was spelling it incorrectly) was found here on Amazon. Worth every penny. Gets in between your teeth super clean. The only thing-it would make an awesome squirt toy for the kids-I’ve gotten myself wet a few times.
I didn’t realize how bad my hair looked. If I use the curling iron on it one day, the next it looks like frizz.
I am so fed up with what dentists and doctors charge.My measly deductible is eaten up in a few visits. They use to complain when you said you could only give them ‘so much’ a month. Now they are glad to get it! A few years ago they talked me into getting a credit line with a company(avoid Care*Credit!!)-now we have a large balance and the finance charge is high. The office doesn’t suggest the company anymore. We just got through with Sean’s big bill and now it’s me again. I am suppose to have a crown replaced, but need to postpone that-maybe a year now. He can x-ray it every few months to check it out.
My crown finely feels like it use to. So nice to use the water pik and not smell anything bad today. Yeah.
I had another issue, but I hope it’s ‘behind’ me now. It seems like everyday it’s something!

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