Post 2,500!!!


This is almost my 5th blog anniversary. I started at the end of 2004 when Sean was a high school senior, now he is a college graduate. My post back in 2004 was about Atlantic City as it was around this same time last year. Guess what?-we are headed down there and Cape May (hoping) for a few jam-filled days next week. My first vacation of the year! I don’t count going to State College a vacation, but I did see some awesome scenery and of course the college campus.
I was in Pier*One and bought a few things for my ‘5th Anniversary Giveaway’. I plan to add a few things from the New Jersey shore to the booty. And I’m not telling you what the goodies are, you’ll have to trust me they are cute, yummy or fun-lol
Please comment on just this post if you want to try and win my goodie bag-the goodie bag is a lovely real bag from Pier*One-I’ll tell you that!
Thanks to all my faithful followers who I have met over the years. I hope we continue to keep in touch and perhaps even met each other someday! And I enjoy making new friends too, so welcome if you are just peeking. ; )
My other milestones-almost 7 thousand uploads to Flickr! and now over 500 uploads of my art cards and collages-about 2.5 yrs of creating!

Oh and the drawing will be randomly generated and the winner picked on August 31st to give many people a chance to enter.

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  1. Wow, 2,500 and I have enjoyed them all!

    I don’t think I have reached 2,000 yet. I think my 5-yr annv. is in November. I seen to remember that we started in the same year.

    I hope you have a great vacation. I know you love it in Atlantic City. Cape May, NJ sounds like a great place to go. I would love to be there just to see all those old fabulous victorian homes!

    Happy Anniversary! I will be looking forward to the next 2,500 posts.

  2. Whoa! That’s amazing! As my kids would say, “You’re a beast!”. Congrats on two big milestones. And of course, enter me in your drawing!

  3. I just discovered your blog – how excited I am. Wow I have a lot of catching up to do – 2500 posts sounds like alot of great reading!! Congrats to you.

  4. So lovely to have a link to your blog Dianne (didn’t know you had one) and how pretty you are as well.(I’m not saying that just because I want to win !!)
    Thank you for your generous giveaway and congratulations on your 5th year.
    Jan (Barty) x

  5. Hi
    Follwed a link here from Cindy’s giveaway on her blog.
    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging – I am only just reaching my first!
    You have some amazing picures – love the dolphins.
    Have added you to my favorites, love Dee x

  6. Hi Diane!! Thanks for taking part in my giveaway and letting us know about yours – thought I’d come and reciprocate!
    5 years worth of blogging is something to celebrate (I guess? lol – well it sure beats watching the tv) makes me feel quite a newbie at this blogging stuff. Don’t know what I would do without my cyber friends!
    Best wishes, Cindy

  7. Congratulations on five years. That is a blogging milestone. And girl, I am a Pier One LOVER, so of course I’d love to be in your drawing. Hmmm. Things from the Jersey shore sound verrrry interesting as well.
    thanks for including us in the festivities!

  8. Congratulation Dianne ! 5 years WOW ,when i find the follow thingy I will follow you lol,I plan to do another Givaway sometime when things are not so busy in my life……….its a great idea…Congrats on Flickr too,thats a LOT of uploads lol……hugs..Pattie x

  9. Hi Dianne,

    Thanks for the opportunity of being included in your exciting draw! Five years – wow! Congratulations, I’m a relatively newbie blogger! I’ve enjoyed looking around yours and it’s great to see your lovely photos too.

  10. Grrrrr, Bloglines isn’t picking up your posts again…it’s ticking me off! lol Woohoo, congratulations on 5 years of blogging, I’m so glad that we met through this wonderful blogging world of ours:-)

    Your giveaway sounds fabulous so please include me in your draw!! I love Pier One so can just imagine the delightful goodies you bought:-)

    I’ll now go read your previous posts I missed while I was away and that Bloglines didn’t tell me about!!!! xoxo

  11. Congrats on your 5th year in the blogging world ! I have only just started : )
    Thanks for the chance to be included in your surprise goodie bag !

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