Photo Hunt-Hand(s)


Handful of impatiens, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I picked a bunch of colorful impatien flowers last summer to squish and make prints of for my art projects. I had my husband take a photo of them first.

And here is my hub’s hand holding a cute toad:
Teeny toad
Here’s a casting of my son’s hands made when he was 12 or younger:
Sean's hand cast in cement

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  1. Great take on the theme. I love how you have flowers in your hands and a toad in your husband’s. I guess you better no kiss the toad since you already have your prince.

  2. That little toad brought back so many memories for me. When I was a little girl and we had a camp, I would find these tiny toads and put them in a box to play with. One time I snuck them in the cabin and they escaped…mom was NOT too happy with me, finding toads all over the cabin! lol xoxo

  3. Beautiful flowers and what a sweet little toad. I was noticing that in the preserve behind our house I can here the soprano tree frogs with the occasional bass bullfrogs thrown in… at night, what a melody! Mine is up here.

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