A little excursion before the storm


On Friday night, right after I ordered our pizza dinner, Bri called to say his car wouldn’t start and he was still at work. He can come home for lunch and it was fine then. We are lucky he works in the next town, so I ran up there with the van and we tried to jump it-nothing. We later went to a book sale at a local high school, which was junky (they let book buyers come in first and they had box after box of ‘the good stuff’). I just had a few books and one I thought was 85 cents was in fact $5!-the dollar sign looked like an 8! I bought it anyway. We dropped by the parking lot again and the car still wouldn’t start. Bri left a note and we came home. Saturday morning he went up again to wait for the tow truck and didn’t his car turn over! He still had it towed as he didn’t want it to break down on him along our country back road. So now it sits at a service station about 5 miles from here. He just had it serviced a few months ago. I think it’s turning into a ‘nickel and dimer’, and he has the newest car-2000 and mine is a 1996!
A local church had a book sale too and we went to that. It was just before noon and people were just browsing because after the noon hour-it was $1 for a bag! It wasn’t really crowded, but man did the people there grab the bags and go to town. I bought mostly books I could cut up. I grabbed a few novels for my mom and ‘The Secret Garden’ for my niece. I was pleased when Bri found a book on the Vikings as Sean is doing a research paper on them and needs a little more info-what luck was that? So we gave them a little extra money as they were raising money for fire victims. I’m sure the high school book sale made 90% more than them and it’s a wealthy area.
After we hit Burger King, Bri wanted to get his license renewed, so we had to drive 18 miles to the license place in the town where he use to work. There was no wait and the man said Bri hadn’t changed in 4 years, a nice compliment. We drove through the town (some of which was used in the opening credits of the movie ‘Signs’) and ended up near the Herr’s Potato Chip Factory in Nottingham. I believe there is a little zoo there too. We were looking for a Goodwill drop off place. What we found was a big old horse barn-now a Flea Market. We decided to go in, but it wasn’t heated and about 35 degrees in there like it was outside. If it was warmer, I would have dug around more. I did get some pink glass cordials:
Flea market find pink glass cordials
an aqua colored small glass rooster (Bri almost insisted I get it-ah)
Flea market find Aqua rooster
and some old photos-all for $10. That was fun and I think I’ll go out again. It’s a straight trip on Route one, so hardly any stopping.
We did go to a Goodwill ‘shed’ in Hockessin, DE to drop of several bags of stuff-yeah! I then ran in Tuesday Morning to look around again and didn’t get that much-some papers and a little resin bird. I think I spent about $21 in the places I visited. I feel so frugal!
We are expecting 4-6″ of snow tonight and blizzard conditions. Bri is worried about driving around in our only good car. I said maybe he should wait an hour or so until they clean the roads off good. The road to town is curvy and downhill.
He is still having sleeping issues and tried to get the doctor to give him something and we aren’t sure if he did or not, we missed a private caller call one morning.
I hope all of you are keeping warm this weekend!
By the way, for my stitcher friends, I’m trying to finish up another UFO-will hopefully share it soon.

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  1. So sorry about Brian’s car causing problems. Hope this fix will do the trick and it will run many thousands of miles trouble free. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’ve had some fun at various second-hand events. I just love those. I hope Brian’s car can be fixed without much fuss or expense.

  3. Hopefully you didn’t get all that predicted snow! It’s frigid over here again today, -5F but at least the sun is shining. We have so much snow as it is, we don’t even know where to put it anymore when we shovel the driveway.

    Glad you were able to get to a couple of book sales, as well as that flea market and thrift shop. Love what you found, those pink depression glass cordials are gorgeous and I love the little rooster as well, it’s such a beautiful colour!! xoxo

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