Applebees and Oscars


Sunday seems to be my day to get mail together, make new collage cards and hopefully have a nice dinner.

First-the newspaper company that owns Brian’s newspaper declared bankruptcy (they just talked about it again on the news as I type this). We don’t know what that means right away, but it’s not something to put in the back of one’s mind. Bri’s worked for that company for 11 years now (though they were bought by another company a few years back). I guess we’re taking it day by day. I better keep my eye open for him and me! Sean will hopefully be adding to the finances in a few months too.

We had a boring array of food in the freezer as I need to go to the store and I remembered we had a $25 gift card to eat out!  We went to Apple*bees and got the 2-$20 special. The place wasn’t crowded, it was bitter cold tonight. We got the spinach and artichoke dip appetizer which was delicious. Then we both ordered the Lime Fiesta Chicken and that was pretty good too. I even had room for a Chocolate Mousse shooter dessert. It only cost us another $11 (plus tip).

Then I settled in with my stitching and watched the 81st Oscar ceremony. Hugh Jackman was the host and he was entertaining and quirky-funny dance and singing numbers. I liked how they brought past Oscar winners out-5 each, to each talk about each of the nominees. Many of the nominated ladies were very teary-eyed and touched. I was happy that Kate Winslet finally won. Many were moved when the late Heath Ledger won and his mom, dad and sister accepted the award for his 3 yr old daughter Matilda.

We are still getting  cold weather and wind-miserable. I should go to the store today. I’m probably not going to the doctor on Friday as the bloodwork Bri had last month is still in question-we have to wait for the bill so the family doctor can resubmit it.

Wish us luck and we’ll send it back to you!

Here’s a Mona Lisa card I made for a challenge to welcome spring! Mona is embossed in gold. I forgot how much fun embossing things are.

A small ‘I recommend’-
Shea body butter-it’s so nice to put on dry skin this time of year. I got some that was marked down and it was still fine and took away that dry skin itch.

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  1. That’s the same meal I had the last time I went to Applebees (in December). I enjoyed it, too.

    I know how scary it must be with the newspaper. It’s not fun being middle aged and losing a job. . . just ask my husband…it happened to him when he was 49. I hope the paper finds a way to continue…perhaps they will reorganize and come back stronger…my fingers are crossed for you both.

  2. Oh dear, I can well imagine how worrying it is not knowing if Brian’s job is safe or not. It’s affecting everyone it seems, even here in Canada. Our largest mining company here just laid off 762 workers so that’s hit our city very hard. More and more business are cutting back as well, just don’t know where it’s going to all end.

    Your meal sounds like it was really yummy and gotta love gift cards:-) It’s really cold and windy here as well…we had snow all weekend but today it’s sunny and frigid.

    I actually watched all of the Academy Awards last night and I think Hugh Jackman did a fantastic job as host. Never knew he could sing and dance like that:-) I’m also glad that Kate Winslet won as best actress, she deserved it!! xoxo

  3. I think it’s terrible about all these newspaper’s; Though the internet is a beautiful -it has led to the demise of many other things. I hope Brian’s job will be okay. I watch the Oscar’s every year and I though Hugh Jackman was great-in fact I did see him enough.

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