New Year’s Eve


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Not much going on…making more cookies as my nerves are bad.
Chocolate Cherry Cordials Thumbprint cookies (made with the same named Hershey Kisses-got half off at Wally World last night too) Tastes like little brownies with a hint of creamy cherry goodness.

Bri’s dad went out this morning to get his hair cut, didn’t call us and we thought the worse when we tried to call him for over an hour. Bri was on his way over there when he called us-finally. We got Bri on the cellphone before he got too far.
My mom woke me up this morning thinking I forgot to call her as her clock said 11 am and it was a bit after 9 am. Yikes!
We plan to get them both ‘Life Alerts’ soon. Too much worrying.
Bri is going to get me some Arbor Mist to toast in the new year. I sure need some!
Update-my Arbor Mist is chilling and Bri also got me some Peach Fuzzy Navel Wine cooler. : )

I had purchased two orchids from a Hawaiian seller at Longwood Gardens in March. One didn’t make it, but lookie here-one is blooming again!


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