Sniffing out sales


You usually score better at after Christmas sales, the day after the holiday. But we found some decent things, mostly for 50-75% off today. After I got my hair done, we headed to JoAnn’s. Brother #2 had given me a gift card. Most of their Christmas stuff was picked over. I did manage to spend much more than $25 though. I try to be selective, and I know I will be donating most of a box of  old holiday stuff this year. I got nicer things at our local Peebles, but I got some crafty things too. Then we went to a local mall. Sean was along too. We ate at Carrabba’s and then went in Macy’s. This was a store with a slim Christmas stock. I did get 4 gorgeous dinner plates that have realistic Christmas plants and flowers on them-with a gold trim too-for $7.99 each, they were priced at $20 each! I’ll use them for New Year’s dinner. I had a Bath and Body Works gift card (thanks to Karin) and got a plug in scent dispenser, one for the van and lotions. We went into Yankee Candle and they had nice things for cheap. I even got Sean a trio of gel scent hang-ups for his car. He is using the Macintosh apple one right now which smells so good!

Finally, we hit a Walgreen’s on the way home. I was looking for pink and purple lights (Easter is coming up) and ended up with a 6.5′ tree for my mom-pre-lit with clear lights for $10 and some little pre-lit pine trees for me-$5. Not sure where I will put them-probably the family room. The bows and wrap were dirt cheap too. Got my brother a Disney tree for $2.50-though it’s really a Minnie Mouse tree-opps-but the little ornies are shaped like the mouse ears. He and his family were just down there a few weeks ago. My brother wore a huge top hat with Mickey bursting through the front of it at our family gathering that he purchased in Florida. I didn’t get the pink or purple lights, maybe I’ll try another Walgreens. : )
Color changing angel
My new angel-she’s like a snow globe inside-not bad for $3.25!

Happy but tired.

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  1. Whew, sounds like an exhausting day! Shopping is just not my thing if it lasts longer than 30 minutes. The one big exception to that being book shopping. 😉 Sounds like you scored some amazing bargains. I usually stock up on wrapping papers and stuff after Christmas, but with the kids and everything going on this year, I missed the boat. Oops. May have to get creative with wrapping paper next year – LOL!

  2. Hello dear Dianne:-)

    I’m finally back to blogging and it was so much fun catching up on your last few posts. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas:-) Glad to hear you were able to go shopping and take advantage of the sales….I don’t think I want to step foot in a mall now for the next couple of months! lol Loved what you got, especially the angel, just gorgeous.

    How lucky you are to have a Yankee Candle store…the only place I can get them here is at Hallmark and their stock is always so limited. A couple of years ago I had bought the Christmas Wreath candle and wanted another one this year because it’s almost finished but they were sold right out. Phooey on them! lol

    Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2009 has to offer. xoxo

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