Sunday’s I Recommend-vol. #3


Welcome to the third edition of ‘I recommend’. As the name implies, this is a share to recommend just about anything you like or have tried. It can be a book, drink, food, movie, music CD-anything. Mister Linky will open to another page (that’s how it works on WordPress). Please add your link there and don’t forget to leave me a comment here.

Here are gadgets and an appliance that we think are pretty awesome:

Our first digital camera was a Canon Powershot S30.


I thought it was pretty cool and so portable! It was the first camera where we didn’t have to use a viewfinder. One issue is this that the batteries need charging all the time. And you can’t shrink down the photos without making the image less crisp (that could happen with any camera though). Save your photos at their original size and burn them to a disk! I still use the camera as it has the video feature which is nice.

Brian read and read camera magazines and in December, 2006 we purchased a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi.


So here I was faced with using camera with a viewfinder again which took some getting use to. But the photo quality is amazing! It was pricey, but a dream come true. Our camera still ranks #1 on Flickr for Canon cameras. There is a newer one out now, so if you can find the Rebel XTi second hand, you are getting a good investment. I’ve had people tell me I have a great camera just by seeing me carrying it around my neck! I can take pretty decent photos off the tv like this:

Sweet Glinda

An appliance I recommend is the GE Spacesaver Microwave.
Embossed tin back
It is so great to have a special nook for a microwave after having one take up counter or table space over the years! It has a rack if you want to heat up two things at a time (haven’t tried it yet). It reheats things well in general. I believe it was fairly inexpensive. My other appliances are Magtag. They are nice, but the dishwasher is nothing like the GE I had for all those years before we remodeled. I like the size of the frig, but sometimes it freezes my milk or other beverages if you get them in the way of vent inside.

Hope my post helps and please feel free to add your blog link and recommendations.

I just put on my CD player and it is loaded with Christmas music (from last year!). Josh Groban is singing his heart out right now!

It’s your turn:

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  1. Your camera does take the best pics I have seen from the TV screen.

    I was looking at some of your kitchen remodel photos again. Are those little square cupboards all individual or just one big pull out? I am talking about the ones near the refrigerator. If you don’t mind my curiosity, what type of items do you store in them?

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