Just for laughs


If you have never played in Blingee.com, you are missing something! I was making an animated birthday gift for my friend who likes  Mr. Spade here, and decided to make some others

 And Cos of course:

And look what I found on Facebook, a photo of my handsome Sean:

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  1. First of all, Happy Anniversary to you & Bri:-) I haven’t had time to visit anyone the last couple of days so trying to catch up now. Love the roses you received, so beautiful!!

    I’m glad you brought your mom home with you…she certainly doesn’t need to be in her house while your brother is going through her things. As you said, she deserves to be treated much better than that!!

    I’ve been to the Blingee site before and it is fun what you can do:-) Wow imagine finding that picture of Sean on Facebook! lol I don’t go on Facebook much at all so I’m sure I have tons of stuff to go through according to my emails! lol xox

  2. Who is that with handsome Sean?

    I have never been to either of those sites. It does look like you had fun making your cards.

    Hope you are having a good evening.

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