Can it be?


There is a hint of spring in the air on this, the 6th day of February! It’s 66 degrees right now. That’s the only nice thing about the day so far as it’s been gloomy.

I finally packed up Sean’s Valentine Day goodies-had to use the box my tea kettle came in! Funny thing, everything fit in perfectly! While I was getting the box, I did a little power cleaning for an hour in the basement-ugh. I was also looking through my old papers in hopes that the autographed John Travolta photo would pop out! It didn’t. Darn. I did find some journals I wrote and will check them out to see if I’ve changed that much in 30 years! ~LOL~ And don’t worry, I had a dust mask on, but my eyes were suffering. Brian has a nice pile to add to the trash this week including my old biology papers! I can’t seem to part with the Early Childhood Education papers yet.

We are suppose to get some bad weather that effected the southern states overnight (tornadoes down there). Since it’s Ash Wednesday, I requested pizza. We decided to try to give up McDonalds and similar places for Lent, but figure Subway is ok. Bri mentioned pizza, and I said it was too much of a staple during this meatless Friday time. I don’t agree with that, but go along with it. My thing during Lent and throughout the year is doing things for those who are less fortunate.

Still working on the zebra cross stitch (which is a charity item) but had to rip out his butt section as I was making him too short! His body is white, off white, dark brown and medium brown and it’s easy to mess it up. His head wasn’t that bad to do. And to think I have his little brother next to him to stitch too!

It looks like we’re going to get rain sometime this evening.

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  1. 66 degrees – Wow, that sounds nice. Unfortunately it’s no where near that here–it’s 22 right now.

    We’ve been trying to get our basement under control, too. I throw out a few bags and the next week haul more down. It’s a never ending battle. I hope you have better luck!

  2. Sticking my tongue out at you for saying it’s like Spring over there!!! lol Over here it’s 5F and the wind is so frigid, they have issued a frostbite warning. We also have so much snow, we don’t know where to put it anymore when we do the driveway!!

    I’m sure Sean will appreciate the Valentine goodies you’ve sent to him:-) Good for you for going through more stuff and getting rid of some. As Zoey says, it’s a never ending battle at times. I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff in the past year or so and I still have tons to get rid of…I think I’ll make a yard sale in May.

    My mom gives up dessert for Lent…I have too much of a sweet tooth and no willpower to give that up! lol Like you, I’d much rather do things for those in need. xox

  3. Hello,
    Wednesday is Homemakers for me. So I went to the meeting, signed up for a class to make a thread covered Easter egg. It is very elegant looking, especially since you start with a styrofoam egg.
    I went to the thrift shop, picked up some good kids clothes to sell on ebay, hopefully.
    I did some sewing when I returned home. I am re-fashioning a pair of kids pink jeans with butterfly appliques, and will match up a tee shirt for it. I will make a matching ponytail holder or hairband, then my daughter in law can list it on ebay. We are trying to find some ways to make bigger sales, and custom made kids clothes seem popular. I have made some other outfits too. Check us out on ebay, to to search for a seller : little_ladybug_boutique.
    We have to outfits I made listed now, Jessica, my granddaughter is wearing them in the photos.
    I have to make Valentine cards now for my grandkids.
    Talk again soon, Warm here today too, 50 degrees.
    I love global warming.

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