It’s so darn muggy! When I got up it was 80 degrees outside already. I wanted to mail off a birthday card to a pal in Ireland and was filling it out when the UPS guy brought my new flip phone! It’s pretty cool and Sean has one almost just like it. With a rebate of $50 it will be a freebie. It pays to call up your provider and see if they have any specials. They would not have accepted the rebate if I had bought the phone at Wally World and some other places. Yes, it’s magenta!

My new phone

So what’s the title up there about? I happen to look in the direction of the vegetable garden and the fairly good size apple tree there had fallen over directly in the green beans and yellow squash part of the garden, the area I take care of! Bri may have a hard time cleaning it all up, but maybe we’ll be able to save the garden. I don’t know if my ‘count the squash’ contest is still on as it literally got squashed last night! The tomatoes are fine. The tomatoes are visible in the foreground and the my part of the garden is under the tree. We only have a chicken wire mesh fence. I kinda know why it fell over. This and the two pear trees next to it are suppose to be dwarf trees and were not kept trimmed back correctly. It’s not like I didn’t remind ‘someone’. The pears are hardly producing anymore and he won’t cut them down.

Fallen down

Another angle of the apple tree

My uncle needs someone to put his a/c units back in the windows of his house. If he can’t find anyone, Bri and Sean will have to go over and help him. I’m hoping someone will do it today.

Update late Tuesday-Bri and Sean went out after dinner to clear away some of the tree. Sean couldn’t stand the horrible humidity and Bri wouldn’t give the trimming up until over an hour later! He came in looking like he had been in a downpour-he was drenched to the bone from perspiration. The veggies are pretty well squashed. I reached in and got 1 MORE SQUASH! ; ) I think one in the far corner didn’t get ruined. I came in and made strawberry smoothies. Thanks again to Carole for the idea of freezing the berries on a tray first. It took a while with ice and strawberries (live and learn-like put a few in at a time instead of dumping them all and making the motor run weird). I think I need a new smoothie maker as the one we have is letting off an electrical burn smell. Sean can pick me up one at Big Lots.

We watched a movie called Disturbia. It was really scary at the end! One of the characters was played by David Morse, a resident of Penna. I still think he was the best in St. Elsewhere (doctor show from the 80s).

The lady who came to help my uncle today put in the a/c units (they are small ones) for him and cleaned like crazy too!  I hope she comes several times a week.

Please check out my new link to a cool art e-zine. I’ve been visiting there a lot lately!

Watch out for spammers who use your old blog entries to comment. I wrote to word press about it and finally just ended up taking off this particular entry they were using all the time. I deleted about 10 comments today and some were a bit obscene. I just removed my archives from this blog to see if that helps.

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  1. Darn! I was certain my squash count would be right! 😉 LOL! Sorry you lost your dwarf tree. I hope to plant (or have planted) some of those on our land in Maine next year. I figure if I do a few a year, we’ll have a small orchard. For some odd reason, I’ve always wanted an apple orchard.

    I’ve never had problems with comments since going to WordPress, other than they sometimes err on the side of caution and count real comments as spam.

    No luck here with the photo mentioned earlier. Sorry. 😦

  2. I just love the colour of your new cell phone!! Oh dear, look at that downed tree…I do hope you’ll be able to save some of the garden, figures it would fall right on it!! I’ve noticed some spam in my archived posts so one day I checked all of them and deleted quite a few of those comments! xox

  3. Hi Dianne,
    It’s too bad about your apple tree. Poor Bri working so hard in that heat! It was nice of you to make him a strawberry smoothie. I hope you were able to save the garden.

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