PJP2 and the rainbow


It was a pretty weird day yesterday waiting for ‘the magnet for humanity’ to succumb to his illness. The Pope was just looking out the window a few days before! This reminds me of the passing of my mother-in-law who died from a massive infection herself. The Wednesday before she died we were visiting her in the hospital and at 9:00 pm she said visiting hours were over so we better go. Two days later she passed on and we never saw her again. She did get to say that she loved my son, her only grandchild.
But of course we didn’t know the pontiff had passed on until after we finished watching ‘Finding Neverland’. I swear I had a tear roll down my eye around 3 o’clock.
Church was moving too. The guest priest choked up a few times and I swallowed hard myself. Brian felt a bit dizzy. My head hurt when I sang. It was a coincidence that the reading about Jesus coming back to show his disciples that he had risen from the dead and that he said ‘Peace be with you’ was the same opening sermon that the Pope read about 27 yrs ago. I’m sure it wasn’t planned as the Pope died around 2:45 our time and church was at 5.
We stopped by a Wawa to get some hoagies for dinner and there was a rainbow in the sky, the first we had seen for a long time. See how things connect?

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