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Bad Thunderstorm rolled in Sunday


Big storm went through here in the afternoon on Sunday. I was going to have Brian cut this grass which is in the center of a circle garden (most of the flowers on the perimeter got eaten) but the 3 inches of rain and 50 mph winds knocked it down. Got a lot of water in our basement. We were at a Phillies baseball game while all this happened. Many roads were washed out and we had to come another way home. We didn’t have power after we were home for almost 4 hours. We were using the broom to sweep the water in a hole in the floor in our basement. After the power came back, Bri used the wet vac and put fans around. I have to move things and toss any cardboard that got wet. We haven’t had so much water in our basement for 23 yrs!

Autumn Splendor


Sean said there was a lovely sunset on Monday, so I went out to capture it to share:
I wasn’t feeling 100%, so I decided to stay off my feet and scan some old photos. My brother always gives me a bunch of them and it takes a while. I just love this one of my maternal grandmom Ruth at age 2 with her sister Ethel about 3 or so. It is dated April 1, 1906! Little Ethel passed away when she was 6 from pneumonia. My grandmom was the second of 6 and she had 2 children and her younger sister Edna had only 1. She had two brother pass on in their 20s. So sad to think that we could have had a larger family if they had lived and married. By the way, my father was an only child with a few step siblings, and Brian is an only child. Our immediate family is about 13.
and after I photoshopped it a bit adding a reddish tint. The tints seem to bring out more detail in these old photos:
And here’s a cute one of Sean on his 1st birthday (1987) on a motorized car he had and loved to pieces:
The Phillies are giving the Yankees a run for their money, but they can’t just play well every 5 games. They have to win the next two game to hold on to their championship title. They had a huge lead and the gap narrowed in the 8th inning. We were on the edge of our seats. I only see 3 Phillies really giving it their best. At least we won the National League Championship to get this far two years in a row-the Yankees can’t say that.
Hoping for a good game on Wednesday!

Days fly by


I don’t want to lose interest in my blog and wanted to stop by and touch base. Not too much new. Went to the doctor for an annual yesterday and was able to schedule the mamm and ultrasound for next Tuesday. I may be getting a procedure to make my life easier. I’ve been going to this particular office for at least 6 years and it was the first time I saw the head doctor, a nice man from Jamaica. I had to tell him my gr, gr grandfather was a French doctor in Jamaica (one of the first). If you saw my old photos last week, I’m talking about gr grandmom’s dad.

Today I am going to a bookstore with a coffee shop area to meet a lady I went to high school with to talk about possibly writing a children’s book together. She is a published author. We found each other on Face*book and since I mentioned one of my dreams would be to write a children’s book, she said we have to get together to brainstorm. I have a few ideas. I rather not discuss them here, but Lorin told me what the publishers are looking for and I live in an area where there is a large ethnic population of a certain group of people. Lorin has also found a few leads for Sean as she helps her students locate jobs. Needless to say, I’m a bit is shock and of course doubting myself about coming up with a good idea. Lorin is also an artist and could illustrate the book.

We have been following our Phillies and will cheer them on in the World Series for the second year in a row. A few nights ago, Sean and I were watching a game on pins and needles when Jimmy Rollins hit a 100 ball in a gap to help the team win the game, we were jumping up and down. It’s a talented bunch and we feel they are going to win again for Harry*Kalas, one of the team’s announcers, who passed away this year.

Other than that, I’m working on getting my clothes sorted. I have a large space*bag of slacks to go through in the living room and found a few bins of clothes I haven’t looked at for a few years.

Have a great weekend, and I promise not to be a stranger on my own blog!


This is a wooden tag that I made using my gr. grandfather’s photo.

Photo Hunt-Sports


Mall sports bar, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This is a SPORTS bar and restaurant at the mall in Atlantic City, NJ. My guys almost lost their eyes when they saw all the tvs that were all tuned in to some kind of sports. My mom and I did tolerate it for the short time we were there although it was very loud. The big screen did have a ball game on. The bar was nicely lit too. Unfortunately this mall is getting known for people falling off their very steep escalators with very bad consequences. It’s happened twice in a year now.

If you happen to like to cross stitch and are looking for new stash, my friend Barbara is selling off some of hers here. Mosey on over if you please. I think I’ll put up a few of mine too-I actually have more than a few, so watch here.

Emmy winner performance


Too bad the Emmys were just on a few weeks ago, as Tim Daly just gave one of the best performances of his life on the season opener of ‘Private Practice’. I won’t go into details, but lots of emotions around his girlfriend on the show Violet, who had her baby cut out of her at the end of last season. I know, terrible, but it does happen in real life. Watch it if you can.
(Yes, Tim is one of my all-time favorite actors)

Our Phillies won their 3rd consecutive East division championship last night! Awesome!