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Outside the window 3-25-10


Outside the window 3-25-10, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Yesterday was Brian’s birthday. I hadn’t been able to go out until that very day to pick his up a few gifts. Did some power shopping at the Pee*bles store. They were having a big sale and I scored some great buys. I got him 4 shirts and jeans and only have to exchange the one ultrasuede shirt. A few of the shirts were only $7.99, including the soft ultrasuede and a demin shirt. Another shirt is Cha*ps-navy blue cotton golf shirt and it fits him well. Sean got him a Jimi*Hendrix remastered CD, some neat sunglasses and t-shirts. I also got him a subscription to Consumer*Reports. He got a little bit of everything. Just the two of us went to Apple*bees and had their Spinach Artichoke dip and Fiesta Lime Chicken. For this cake I bought a Boston Cream one because I wasn’t up to baking. It was yummy.
Sean ‘finally’ went to the doctor after coughing off and on for over a month. He felt pretty lousy at work yesterday. He has bronchitis and must take a strong 4 day course of antibiotics. She thinks he has allergies on top of his illness. I am also suffering with allergies today. My nose is very congested and my head light. They said this spring was going to be bad because of all the wet we had from the snow and rain-no kidding.
I just love writing posts about being sick. It’s been a bad year.

Family get together


Dianne and niece closer up, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Yesterday was the first day I ventured out in the van since Tuesday as we were invited to a 14th birthday celebration for my nephew. We arrived to lots of yummy food from burgers on the grill (first for us of the year) to homemade mac and cheese. Mom brought a new game suggested by my middle brother called Apples to Apples. Bri, Sean, Mom, T and I played and it was fun. The link let’s you try it out online. T was a bit younger than recommended, but she did well.
Saw my one relative for the first time in 8 months and we hugged and talked. That was good. I hate grudges.
My dear niece always poses with me and I wanted to share this sweet shot Sean took. My hair use to be in the same color range of hers. She has blue eyes and mine look green here but are actually hazel.  She’ll be 11 on the 11th of April! She showed us the display board she made for her Elvis*Presley research paper. They could pick anything/anyone and she picked him. She may have been influenced to pick him as her dad and Elvis share the same January 8th birthday.
Ok, time to get moving and enjoy the last day in the 70s we’ll have for a while. It’s been absolutely gorgeous this weekend.

First crocus of spring


First crocus of spring, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I am loving this spring, or should I say early summer-like weather. It may hit 70 today. I am not up to doing any raking up yet. I am hoping to do so next week. I’m tired and I know the healing process is well under way.
We have a Phoebe bird family getting ready to make a next over our bay window in the back-third year in a row!
Next week Longwood Gardens has their orchid show which I was hoping to attend since I didn’t go to the Philly Flower show this year. Orchids are so gorgeous and unique.
Have a sunny day!

I do feel stitchy once in a while


I almost forgot to post this! Made this for little Connor, Rachel and Mike’s new son born on the very last day of January. I think Connor was going to have a Peter Rabbit theme. Maybe he will if he moves to a house someday.
I picked the colors of his nursery.
I am thinking of starting another project soon. I will probably pick it tomorrow. It will be good to get me off Farmville and Facebook!
I’m having my gyn procedure on Tuesday if the bloodwork and EKG are fine-will have them done on Monday. Since I just had most of that back at then end of ’07 for the biopsy, I think they will. I’m having a D&C and then a e.ablation. I won’t go into detail, but you can google it if you like. Wish me luck!

Photo Hunt-Foreign


Chinese Pagoda, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I’m a few days late with the hunt. We’ve been to Epcot, part of Disney World a few times only over the last 20 years. This shot was from almost 5 yrs ago now (can’t believe it) when we went mainly to Universal Studios as a graduation gift for Sean from high school. We went to Epcot on Mother’s Day that year. This is a gorgeous Chinese Pagoda and waterlily garden as part of one of the showcased foreign countries of Epcot.

Photo Hunt-Daily


Out back, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This appears to be the daily view looking out our back window lately-nothing green just brown, black with lots white. I have some garlic in an upright big plastic box that use to be a water garden. That’s the only green I see and the tops of the garlic are a bit sad looking. Maybe in a few weeks time, the sun will perk them up.
Everyone is in varying stages of wellness here. Sean went to work today, but still has the night time cough. I am better, but feel too dry and my sinuses hurt a bit. Brian is in that stopped up stage.
Come on sunshine!