Outside the window 3-25-10


Outside the window 3-25-10, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Yesterday was Brian’s birthday. I hadn’t been able to go out until that very day to pick his up a few gifts. Did some power shopping at the Pee*bles store. They were having a big sale and I scored some great buys. I got him 4 shirts and jeans and only have to exchange the one ultrasuede shirt. A few of the shirts were only $7.99, including the soft ultrasuede and a demin shirt. Another shirt is Cha*ps-navy blue cotton golf shirt and it fits him well. Sean got him a Jimi*Hendrix remastered CD, some neat sunglasses and t-shirts. I also got him a subscription to Consumer*Reports. He got a little bit of everything. Just the two of us went to Apple*bees and had their Spinach Artichoke dip and Fiesta Lime Chicken. For this cake I bought a Boston Cream one because I wasn’t up to baking. It was yummy.
Sean ‘finally’ went to the doctor after coughing off and on for over a month. He felt pretty lousy at work yesterday. He has bronchitis and must take a strong 4 day course of antibiotics. She thinks he has allergies on top of his illness. I am also suffering with allergies today. My nose is very congested and my head light. They said this spring was going to be bad because of all the wet we had from the snow and rain-no kidding.
I just love writing posts about being sick. It’s been a bad year.

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  1. Look at the yellow outside your window. Is it forsythia? I still regret not planting one those bushes. The yellow branches would be great for centerpieces this time of the year.

    Happy B.Day, Brian!

  2. Happy Birthday to Brian! Sounds like he received some wonderful gifts from you and Sean:-) I’m glad that Sean finally went to the doctor and got some antibiotics. I love Boston Cream cake or pie…in fact, at Tim Horton’s I usually buy one of their Boston Cream donuts if I’m in the mood for something sweet:-) xoxo

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