Crazy over homemade soup


You know when you have lots of leftover meat and you want to make something that doesn’t taste, well, ‘leftover’? I was joking about the ham I had left-ham croquettes, ham omelets, ham salad, fried ham and then what I did make ‘Ham and Bean’ soup.  I have to say I found the recipe in my email inbox, thanks Food & Wine. This link will take you right to the recipe!

hambeansoupWhat was really yummy were the croutons made out of baguettes! You cut them in slices then cubes and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with paprika. (They would be nice in salads too).

But it was a good, hearty soup. We ate it before going to the tax office. I had some after work for lunch the next day too.

Not too much new, except my phone! Got another Samsung Galaxy-but a Blaze. It’s really nice! The voice recognition works much better than the older phone, as does the GPS. That’s one of the reasons why I picked it out. It took the above photo too.

We have some plans for an overnighter coming up. We were originally going to try and go LA, but Sean decided not to go and we couldn’t really afford it.

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