My first geocache find!


One out of six ‘ain’t’ bad! I think a few I jumped the gun on before we knew all the ins and outs about the hobby. And why were we looking for a micro the first time around? And who knew there are evil ones that mimic pine cones and magnets on dumpers?

This was behind a Baptist Church about 15 miles from here. I was so happy to see the container! I stood away from the actual find site so you could see it’s kind of in the sticks of Nottingham, PA.

It had cute little things in it plus the log which I signed. I forgot to take something, but I put $1 in it I was so happy to locate one. This was spur of the moment after we had browsed around a flea market place in an old barn. We’ve been there a few times. Bri got a used chain saw (please don’t break it) so we can trim some old bushes that just aren’t doing anything this year.

Then since we were in God’s country, we went to a nearby park. We were right where the cache was when my phone died. We saw landscaping fabric ‘in the middle of the woods’ and didn’t pull at it to see what’s underneath. We know where it is and will go back with a hand shovel and gloves if we are out in that area again.

We did have a nice walk in this very rural area.

Brian is enjoying taking photos too. Gets his mind off of worrying about things.

We are pretty sure it was right near here-that brown patch on the left.

It was around 6 pm-I was wondering if the critters were coming out for dinner. Had on the wrong shoes too. The paths were stony.

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