An interesting day


Snow Birds Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I went for my follow-up doctor’s visit and some things were better and some need to be checked again in 3 months. My thyroid reading was better, and my blood pressure reading was lower, but he didn’t like that I was coughing a lot (I still think from allergies), so he changed my hbp medicine (after almost 5 months). I also got $$ nasal medicine. My blood sugar was 122 a few weeks ago. That isn’t good. My oldest brother has to take medicine for his diabetes and my mom has high fasting blood sugar like me! His main concern for me is to try and lose weight and I am probably going to try the circuit gym that Sean goes to and get over to Longwood for long walks a few times a week. The problem is with me feeling good and being able to exercise, etc. This is why I think I need to see a specialist. I’ll give the above a shot, but I surely have that specialist on my mind too.
My collage was made mostly from pieces from my scrap box. When people who live in cold climates go to Florida, etc. they are called ‘snow birds’. I like that the line of seagull heads says ‘winter’. The ‘real hardbody lobster’ piece is actually a paper napkin ring from ‘The Red Lobster’.
Poor Sean has a cold or sinus issue. He made plans to go to PSU for the weekend and he hopes he can fight his problem so he can go. My mom wanted to come out for a few days, so I hope that happens too.

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  1. hugs!
    i hear you with feeling well enough to get the workout in. it’s hard get going when you feel like poo! i know you can do this though!
    love to join you at LG, wish i didn’t live so far away!

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