Photo Hunt-Written


I have shown this before, but it is fun to see how I use to write back in 1967. That’s the school in the photo. We went to one of two elementary schoolse and attended here for Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade. It’s an administration building now. I remember the seesaws were popular and I remember singing Mockingbird (before James Taylor and Carly Simon did). I’m still in touch with a few members of my Kindergarten class.

History from Wikipedia about the Upper Providence school district:

Formal education began when local Quaker, James Turner, left money in his 1787 will to establish Blue Hill School near Chapel and Providence Roads. The Union Library on Sycamore Mill Road opened in 1813 and had over eight hundred volumes by 1843. Sandy Bank School opened in 1836, and was rebuilt 1905 and enlarged in 1926. Lower Banks School opened in 1872. The Rose Tree Union School District was established in 1947.

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