Passport Collage


Passport 4" x 4" Collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I am not a world traveler, but I do get mail from around the world which is really neat. I sent some collage items to a lady in Saudi Arabia and I hope she got them, I need to ask her on Swap-bot. Thanks to Amer. Express for all the junk mail featuring the passport and cancellations as I’ve used them about 3 times now-lol.
Passport ATC
The Bon Voyage stamp was embossed and found at Anthropologie. I received the postage stamps on personal mail. I used some special pastels to color in the earth, plane and around the collage.
I’d love to have a yard sale before the weather turns too cool. Just to fit it in sometime is the question. I noticed the people down the road were left with a ton of stuff. I have some decent things like ice skates that were never used (good intentions I swear) and books from Martha*Stewart. I wouldn’t try and sell junk. I’d like to raise some money for Christmas. Our Chestnut trees are dumping the burrs now-terrible to clean up and I wouldn’t want to impale anyway. That would be the best place to have the sale, under those trees-rats! Today I was cleaning out the bottom of the bedroom closet and ran across a box of lps/records. That’s a funny place for them, but they’ve probably been there over 20 years before we put another closet in the family room. Now they are relocated in the family room and I had to move my crochet stuff to the bedroom. The thing is, no needle for the record player! So we have 100s of lps and nothing to play them on. Will Bri give up any? He needs to go to Radio*Shack to order a few if he can. Next on the agenda-going through clothes. I lots of things to the Goodwill, but it would be nice to make some cash too.

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