Two for yesterday


I made these cards within half an hour of each other! When Sean, Mom and me were in Lancaster and I always love to check out the wall of brochures which seem to be in every place you go. This one for Wilbur’s Chocolate in Lititz, PA really caught my eye-perfect for a collage. And we’ve never been here-my goodness that’s just crazy! Must remember to go and do some sampling. ; )
Heart/Love 4" x 4" Collage

The heart one was easy. I made the heart a few months ago. It’s balsa wood with an old text page on top. I just got the scrapbooking paper in the craft warehouse. I found the tag ‘kicking around’ and added that too.
One of my online challenges is to use these 4 colors on an ATC-burgundy, navy blue, gray and mossy green. I asked Sean to get me paint chips at Wally World. He was on the phone as I read off each color describing each-like your room (moss), like a glass of red wine, etc.. He got the blue one right-that’s it. So I’m thinking and looking. The paint chips would have been so much easier. I’ll share when I’m finished the card.

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