Bounties of the herb garden


Bounties of the herb garden, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I was thrilled to pick a few veggies today-a Purple Beauty eggplant and a Gretel eggplant. I do put a few veggies in my herb bed. I don’t see more peppers, but there are at least 3 more eggplants. The herbs are Italian parsley (for a parsley and lemon pork chop I am making) and thyme.
We may get some thunderstorms-it’s still very dry. We had a few minute sprinkling a bit ago.

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  1. The eggplant is lovely. Do you pan fry it? I’ve only had it a few times and I remember coating it in bread crumbs and pan frying it. It was ages ago — with MIL #1.

  2. Oh my gosh – gorgeous!! My eggplants didn’t survive the garden – either the shade or the chickens did ’em in. So I bought a set of bigger seedlings and plopped them into a container. I hope we get something from them. I sure have learned a lot about gardening so far this year!

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