Two tone clematis vine


Two tone clematis vine, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Here’s the pretty vine I told you about. I’m waiting on a white and lime green one out front next.
Brian planted a new ‘Gypsy’ rose for me last night. I had it a few weeks and the poor thing started to bud in it’s packaging. The roses look so healthy this year-shiny green leaves and buds galore.
I potted up mostly pink and purple petunias on Thursday. I need a few more bags of potting soil. I shouldn’t have been lifting as I pulled something near my left arm pit over to my scar area. I finally put a piece of that sticky icy hot patch on it and it feels better.
We are getting all this wind and no rain. Still have lots to do outside and inside. My summer clothes are still in the space*bags (which don’t work that great).
Have a great Friday!

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