Homemade pretzels


Homemade pretzels, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Well, Barbara mentioned she made homemade soft pretzels,so of course I being a Philly girl, had to make some. I started them in my bread machine and when I went to turn them out to make the ropes, the dough was really sticky. I followed a recipe, but perhaps the machine over-kneaded the dough. I got it to work, and this is what I got and they weren’t bad! I had to use Italian coarse salt, so you are seeing some herbs on the pretzels.I think I’m making too many things with yeast lately (Di*Giorno pizza today) as our tummies are a little ‘pouf-pouf’ you get my drift.
We did survive the blizzard! Yeah! We had our power, but my mom and brother didn’t for overnight. It was rough. We had a nice sunny day today, so that helped. The guys had to do a terrible lot of digging. We had 2-3 feet snowdrifts around the vehicles. It’s been the snowiest winter in over 100 yrs in these parts. I really look forward to seeing grass again.

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