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I think I’ll just be posting here mostly with the help of memes-to supplement blah days. I’m having more fun on Facebook and Flickr lately and it’s hard to talk about my trials and tribulations and keep people interested. I’ll still check out my pals’ blogs to see what they are up too, but blogging is getting old to me, and I need a fresher approach. I don’t have the time to read more than a few blogs a day either. I have so much on my plate with the internet. I want to do more organizing in my house and more art projects. Many of my blogger pals aren’t updating that frequently. I’m not on a bunch of specific boards, so my comments here are limited. I worked two hours on this post-not one comment. Ever since then I question why I do this. I thought I had some neat photos to reshow. On the above mentioned places, I get almost immediate feedback, a big plus in my opinion. I’m lucky to get one comment here, unless I do a meme. I guess my blog is too personal? Why do other people get 50 comments about a photo of food and a recipe. I don’t get it? So here’s probably some personal stuff that I may not be including in the future:
I may have to take my mom to the doctor today as she is still sick, though moving around. I don’t like her raspy cough.
I got my tooth fixed yesterday and it’s still in, knock wood.
Maybe I’ll have more to share when the weather gets nicer. : )
Update-I went to my mom’s for a few hours and she looks pretty blah and has an occasional raspy cough. I don’t know if that’s a good thing-I think she needs to use the expectorant I gave her. I made her soup and tuna salad, started her car and took her trash down. I left and ran into Trader Joe’s for dinner-got Mandarin orange chicken and Indonesian rice-good!
Thanks for your comments. I know who my friends are. Though I’d like new ones, I don’t know who you are unless you comment.

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  1. Hi Dianne, I’m so glad we’re friends on FB so we can keep up that way! My blogging really comes and goes, too. I enjoy your blog and will keep looking in on you when you get a chance!

  2. I’m not on boards either as I just can’t keep up with it all and so often the info on them is the same as on everyone’s blog. Why read the same stuff twice? Guess I’ll be seeing you more on FB! 😀

  3. Hi Dianne,
    I think it’s just that time of year when we all get bored with the blog, especially those of us who have been
    doing it for 4 years! I have not had much incentive to post lately either.

    I do hope you don’t stop completely because I am pretty hooked on keeping up with you, Brian and Sean!

  4. Facebook is fun but I’m still enjoying blogging so much more:-) Just wish I had more time for both, though! lol I do hope you don’t stop blogging completely, I’d miss you on here.

    So sorry to hear that your mom isn’t feeling well. So many people have a cold or flu, I guess it’s that time of year for it. I’m glad you were able to go spend some time with her and hopefully she will feel much better real soon!! xoxo

  5. Hi Dianne. I’ve been offline due to health and family issues for several days, but I do usually leave a comment. However, I don’t find memes and those quizzes and stuff terribly interesting, so if you don’t hear from me as often, you’ll know why. I hope the new approach is fun for you, however, and that you’ll get the comments you hope for. I hope your mom is doing okay and that the cough was nothing serious.

  6. Good answers! Hmmm, Avondale, PA, Where is that? My brain is tired. I might now otherwise!

    Yes, Genetics was an advance Science class that I took my senior year. I LOVE science. I had Biology II, Botony, Genetics and Physics my senior year!

    (BTW, I’m experimenting with WordPress, so if you go to my Blog there.. it’s incompleted)

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