1 week to go


I’m glad to have my helper Sean home. He took me to a few places yesterday and we plan to go somewhere later. I’m having some issues, not uncommon for ladies my age, so my mom says, but interfering with my time crush. Let’s say I’m keeping Kimberly Clark in business as I just used their products 3 weeks ago.
I did get the last of Bri’s gifts and wrapped most of what I have. I do need to do some baking and figure out what we are having for dinner Christmas eve and Christmas.
I’m going in slow-mo right now, so I plan to chill tomorrow when the weather is suppose to be dicey.
I hope everyone is getting everything done that they want done! Don’t forget to view my slideshow down below.

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  1. Thank you so much for my candycane ornaments, the snowman ornament, the trading cards, the ribbon (I am hanging cards from it) and the beautiful Christmas card!! You really knew what I liked! I will take photos and post tomorrow so everyone can see my goodies. Thank you again for a wonderful swap!

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