Shopping and a stitching finish


I’m posting late as I just did finish my swan and waterlily cross stitch piece. I believe I started it around 13 years ago. It wasn’t an easy stitch, but it was on 14 count aida (before I started stitching on other nicer fabric). I think it turned out pretty. It came with a frame too! I have the chart up for grabs for anyone who would like it!

Also had to go shopping for a wedding gift for Saturday. We decided that a $25 gift card was too cheap and a $50 one was too much. I got a German made lead crystal vase at a price somewhat in between price. I plan to add a little note  to remind the groom that he should always remember their late November nuptials with a big bouquet of gorgeous blooms. Glad I found something.

I did buy a few Christmas gifts too. I bought my niece, Bri and my mom things. Sean bought a few gifts at Wally World tonight. This year we aren’t going overboard because we don’t really need anything. We are planning on concentrating on the decorations and food. : )

Had a phone spat with my mom and she hung up on me. She bought her new eyeglasses at the eye doctor’s office and in my opinion was terribly overcharged for them. I was going to take her to one of the stores I’ve used in the past. My new eyeglasses are from Wally World and I just got a compliment on them. I think I paid half of what she did. She’s talking about having her friend Jim move back in. That would infuriate my brothers even more. I know it’s her house, but the situation was not good when he lived there as he is a messy person. I swear it’s always something.

Swan and Waterlilies Cross stitched piece

Thanks to my friend Carole over at Pea’s Corner for the lovely birthday gifts-a cute basket for bread or muffin with a red cloth and bells that says ‘Jingle All the Way’, a miniature coffee cup candle, Christmas themed cheese spreaders and some yummy soap. I plan to make muffins out of a gazillion bananas I have, so I will show you the goodies later.


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  1. I bet it feels good to finish a piece you started so many years ago! It’s very pretty.

    Wow, a bushel of mushrooms is a lot. Maybe you could cook and freeze some of them.

    We don’t do any big Christmas gifts anymore either. Some years we agree not to buy any gifts, then that gets boring so we buy a bunch of little things just so we can unwrap them on Christmas morning. That’s what we will do this year.

    I hope your Mom will get over her anger and call you soon.

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