Mama’s here


It’s a cold and wet day here in southeastern, PA. I was going to mom’s yesterday and she decided she wanted to come here! I am a bit nervous when she wants to drive her 17 yr old car here and she just had her eye surgeries. I thought she’s be here around 3 and when 4 rolled around, I kept checking the door.  She got here around 4:15! She said she had to wait until she felt better and she had to stop for gas. I was going to cook something she brought, but it was too late for that, so we ordered take-out and I will cook the pork chops tonight. I then went to the food store after dinner-did some power shopping in about 30 minutes! Mom was in Peebles store and was checking out when I came to find her. Unfortunately, one of her eyes was really paining her during the night. I did see her rubbing it earlier in the evening. It’s better this morning, but really bloodshot. I got the artificial tears for her and she is using them. My one eye had been really red a few days ago.It may be the house is dry or the cat hair too.

I guess I’ll go do some cooking soon. Mom also brought huge chicken breasts that I will boil for chicken salad.

I’ll have a really old WIP cross stitch to share soon. I seem to be better just working on something until I finish it. Kinda reminiscent of the charity stitching that I hope to start up again soon.

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  1. I hope your mom’s enjoying a nice visit with you. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – you are really a wonderful daughter, and she’s so lucky to have you. 🙂

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