Photo Hunt-Scary


This is about as scary as I could find. These are my brother’s decorations. We go to his house every year on Halloween as he lives in a neighborhood and we don’t.

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  1. hi, my favorite time of year is autumn so I am enjoying watching the leaves change color. I had cataract surgery on both eyes in 2 weeks and I am adjusting to the change in vision, no glasses for distance, but need them for reading, opposite of before. My distance is still blurred and will have Lasik surgery done in December for the astygmatism. Some celeberties I have smae name with, Angela Cartwright, we both wore ponytails as kids.
    Angela Bassett, I had a boyfriend with that last name, if we had married I would be Angela Bassett too. I know there are more I have to remember who.
    Happy Birthday to Sean, and a hug from me. Hello to Brian.
    Love your Halloween Decor, I only put out a few things this year, as I was busy with the eye thing. I have to wrap gifts for the grandkids for Christmas to bring for Thanksgiving, I am Christmas shopping. New baby Jason, is doing well, growing, he looks like my daughters as infants. He is 7 weeks old.

  2. Very cool, we are going to work on Halloween scary stuff today. We are late this year, but I had surgery and this is the first weekend I have felt up to it.


  3. Wow that’s neat! I bet all the kids think it’s scary. I know my daughter would probably be scared of it. Great picture!

    Thanks for stopping by mine. (the one were my son fell at this castle place. I answered your quest. on my blog but just to let you know – no we didn’t complain. which was stupid I know, I regretted it after.)

  4. very creative and I don’t think i’d like to see those in the dark even if they are just decorations especially that photohunt pic is up too.

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