I have Scrambilitis!


I had one of those nights where I was looking at the clock every hour and getting up. I couldn’t figure out if it was something I ate or drank-I did have that McD’s sweet tea earlier in the day and green tea for dinner. Then it dawned on me that I sat on the floor after dinner for about 45 minutes sorting out my paper goods. I can’t do this anymore, I did it anyway and I’m sure that’s why I felt funky-that and PMS. And it doesn’t get better as you get closer to 50, it gets really strange and you wonder what is inhabited in your body sometime. Anyway, all night, thanks to Facebook’s Scramble (I have a word IQ of between 99 and 101) I was doing words in my head-ten-tent-taint-faint far-fare….you get the picture. Ugha! That was awful. So I couldn’t turn my brain off. Maybe walking around the Mushroom Festival would have helped, but I decided not to go.

I’m thinking a lot about my mom and FIL too. Mom’s a little snippy. I was coming down tomorrow so Colleen can do my hair, but my brother’s friend lost his mom last week and they are going to the funeral. (the lady felt like she had heartburn for 3 days, but she also weighed over 250, but none the less, that is scary stuff). I said to mom that while she was having her eye surgery, I’d run to get my hair done first. She’s only 5 miles away at the hospital and she said she’ll be there 3-4 hours anyway from 9:30 (when the surgery is suppose to take place). I know they are never on time from my experience with the biopsy last November. So mom said I’d have to call the short procedure to see if she was ready to go home, in a snippy way. I think it will work out.

Not sure what I’m doing today-need to wake up!

Here’s what I did on Saturday, inside during all the rain:

I added some fall garland, leaf candles and some aluminum pieces I had. My mom gave me the little Holly Hobbie recently. I also had bought the candle in front of the mantel clock and was trying to figure out where it would look nice. I love those mosaic pieces I found on deep discount at Value City a few years ago. There’s a string of 5 flickering lanterns that don’t show up well here.

Thanks for everyone who offered help with chosing a tv. It sure isn’t an easy task!

And Jennifer and whoever may have signed up for the J. Holdsworthy meeting at the SS, I signed up too! Yeah!

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  1. Oh how I love the way you decorated your mantle! You’re really putting me in the mood to start decorating for Autumn…maybe during this week if I’m at a loss of what to do with myself! lol

    I’ve just added the Facebook Scramble game and although I started a game, I got interrupted and haven’t gotten back to it yet. Ugh, I hate it when I can’t sleep and my mind won’t shut down either!!

    Prayers that your mom’s eye surgery goes well!! Don’t you just love it when our mothers get snippy? lol xoxo

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