Still sorting


They say it gets worse before it gets better. I have things scattered all over the place now that I emptied the tea cart this morning. Brian’s small collection of beer steins, some bar stuff (we hardly even drink); vases, and other things that had no business being there. We have used the cart for over 24 yrs. It gets dusty. You can’t see what’s on the bottom shelf. When I took it away, it really opened up the space! I think the next step, that’s after I clean everything, will be rearranging the china cabinet. Did I tell you I hate the china cabinet? It was given to me by the in-laws when we moved here as she was getting a new one. It’s 60s-70s Early American, I can’t stand that chunky stuff! I want a white one to tie in with the kitchen cabinets. One of these days.

Bro #2 cat got out of his apartment and was missing. I’m not sure what the kitty status is today. I know bro stopped at the SPCA to see if anyone picked the cat up. He is really a scaredy cat to the 1st degree. I told him that when our mostly housecats get out, they always come back. It helps that I was sitting in the lawn crying for Cosmo. He couldn’t stand that. But our first cat Jade was declawed. We had to leave her out as we went to a picnic. When we came home, she was up against the back of the house waiting.

Bro #1 is losing one of his oldest pals from cancer. I guess his pal is about 54 like he is. When I think of his friend, I see him smoking. #1 spent the entire day with his pal in the hospital on Sunday. So sad.

I was bored and sneezy yesterday-so I made this:

I am pleased to announce that one of my photos is being used on Schmap-an Orlando travel site. If only I would get paid. : ) It’s the guitar fountain from the Hard Rock Hotel. We did stay there, but had some room issues…I won’t go into it here. It’s totally a great place, but they should keep pets out of the rooms.

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  1. Hi Dianne:-)

    Sounds like you’ve been a busy gal. Isn’t it awful how much stuff we can accumulate? I went through all my cookbooks before my yard sale and got rid of tons of them, I only kept my very favourite ones. I know it’s hard to choose but it has to get done!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy having your own working space for your crafts…hopefully you’ll soon have everything the way you want it:-)

    Love that picture of you and your mom! Does she still like to sing a lot? My mom has quite a lovely singing voice too but unfortunately she didn’t pass it on to me! lol xoxo

  2. I must be tough to get rid of cookbooks. I hoard them, too, even though I rarely use them.

    Why don’t you paint that china cabinet white? You might like it much better. It’s amazing how paint can change a piece of furniture.

  3. Wow, what a job decluttering/organzing is. I got a little start last weekend. But our house is just too small to really find a proper place for everything.

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