Hail Caesar!


For our mini, last of the summer, before Sean goes back to PSU vacation, we are going to Atlantic City for a couple of days and staying at Caesars! Many of you know, my father-in-law takes the bus down there weekly. I was getting tired of the ho-hum (but peaceful) last few places we’ve gone. I sit on the beach and that’s about it. At least there is more stuff to see and do here. We could only get a Sunday through Tuesday reservation. Bri’s dad has rewards, so that saved up tremendously on the room- a big thing. We are taking my mom. Even if she can’t walk around a lot, she can certainly see something different right in the casino. The beach is nicer too, so Sean says from his excursion last weekend. I’m not a gambler. I’ll play a little, but I keep thinking-gee with that $20 I could have gotten lots of stuff at Michael’s Craft store. : )

Not much else is new. I can’t do much outside because of the heat and humidity. The grass is drying up. The weeds are taking over. I don’t care right now. I’ve been making ATCs to keep me busy. Also been running out every night to water things I can’t enjoy during the day. Sean and Bri help a bit with that. I should be cleaning, but that’s too much work in the heat, even when you have air, you still get hot, especially at my age.

I may be going out with Sean in a few hours to do a little of shopping. His friends are all tied up doing other things, so he relies on me sometimes. I don’t mind one bit.

A couple of my new ATC-homage to historic figures:

And this Stargazer lily, which is in a pot, smells delightful!

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