Last day of March already!


We had such a busy month, it just seemed to go quickly. Having Sean home in the middle helped with the winter drudgery feeling. I just got a phone call and the lady said my eye appt was moved to the 9th as the machine is down. Maybe Bri can go with me since it’s late in the afternoon.

Today I have to return a movie, maybe rent another and buy some cards, one of which is an anniversary card for us! It will be 24 yrs for us this year! *Bowing* With Sean not home a lot now, it’s rather like the old days of keeping each other company. I find cooking for two a drag. Sean use to eat most of my leftovers, his dad doesn’t.

Here’s progress on The African Violet sampler plus a ‘happy’ real one close up. I think I’ll finish this one violet and then pick up a different project.
African Violet sampler-violet #1

A cheerful real violet
A few ATCs I made recently:
Made from mostly recycled things-part of a postage stamp package, a stamped image that wasn’t perfect….the glare is a hummingbird sticker


This one is called ‘Dress rehearsal’. I love finding these old images:
Dress Rehearsal
Tip of the day-eat rice cakes! They fill you up and help like fiber does! Enough said. : )

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  1. Hey Dianne, I’ve left a message for you (on your phone) after trying all day to get an email thru to you. If you have questions about the message, please email me rather than mentioning it in our blogs. Thanks!! 😀

  2. It’s positively unbelievable that March is about over! Part of me is incredulous at the thought, and another is eager to get on with some spring weather! We’re having some sunshine today, but I really need some warmer temps to go with the sunny day. 😀 My yardwork is calling to me!

  3. Happy Anniversary Dianne!!!! Your ATCs are very nice, I especially like the hummingbird one. Warmer days are ahead and that’s a goooooood thing!

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