Some gifties


Thanks for all your continued birthday wishes! I really appreciate them! I was gone all day today, so I finally got around to taking a few photos.
Thanks first to the two Carol/Caroles I know! The fairy bird feeder/ornament, the Canadian BC awareness angel pin, snowman ornament and teapot night light are from Carole/ Pea from Canada (plus some maple chocolates). I love them all. Carol from NH made me the sweet ‘Stick it here’ pincushion-perfect stitching Carol. Angela from NY made me the little book that holds art trading cards-great idea-I’ll definitely use it!

I got about 18 birthday cards! Gift from Brian
Brian gave me this to help me draw on the computer.
Today I got a ‘on the house’ hair touch up and cut from my sister-n-law Colleen. I showed my niece Tori my big book of Art trading cards and gave her all of the Wizard of Oz ones I had made. She says she has 5 from me now. We dropped by to see my mom, but she was unable to go shopping with us. She gave me a cross stitch book, candy, a cute teddy bear, a heart pin and some other little things. I told her not to worry about going out in the damp cold, but she does anyway.
Sean and I did some power shopping at Value City and Old Navy. I got a little faux red alligator purse to use for my reunion on Friday. I got a few Liz Claiborne tops, gray and cream (I had birthday money), plus a pale teal color sweater at Old Navy.
Sean and I stopped for dinner at PF Chang’s, a Chinese Bistro. He had honey coated shrimp and I had lemon grass prawns on garlic noodles-really delicious.
When I got home, I found out I had forgotten to pay the mortgage (very unlike me, the bill lady-too much on my mind lately) and Bri and I ran it up to the post office and hit the less crowded grocery store. I so wanted to bake a pecan pie, but the pecans are about $10 a bag. I settled on some store bought pies as the store has a pretty good bakery.
To my Neighborhood Round robin pals-my piece is sitting at the post office! No one was home (it figures) to sign for it, so I’ll run over to get it tomorrow. I thought for sure it would be here yesterday-darn. I’ll get a heap of photos to share. I can’t wait!

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  1. Hello dear Dianne…finally taking a break from decorating and visiting a few blogs:-) I was gone for 5 hours today shopping with my mom and then when I got home I got right into the decorating again…I’m pooped and I’m not finished yet! lol You are more than welcome for the birthday gifts I sent you…when I saw that faerie bird feeder (that’s what I was told it was) I thought you could use it in your faerie garden next summer:-) Isn’t it wonderful getting so many birthday cards as well?!! Sounds like you had a very enjoyable birthday and I know how much you loved spending it with Sean:-) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones tomorrow! xoxo

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