What a great idea!


Child with chick

Like me, you probably get tons of catalogs before the holidays. I really like to look through them for unusual items, especially for people on my list who seem to have everything. The heading on one catalog really caught my attention: The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World-Heifer International. What’s this you may ask? An org that assists 140,000 families (last year) with the gifts of animals and training and passing on the gift. What you can give is a flock of chicks to a needy family for $20 or a ‘share’ in a water buffalo-$25 toward the $250 full price. Now what would be a better way to teach kids about giving? The kids are so happy in the photos. I am definitely giving some chicks! There are bunnies, heifers, goats, etc. If you love animals, you know the gift of one is extra special. If you like this idea, feel free to post the link on your page. The link is :www.heifer.org/catalog

Sean had a low key birthday but enjoyed some emails from friends and did pick up his package (which I bet had been sitting in the mailroom for a few days), so that brightened him up. He has a few things here he ordered-the Phillies championship shirt and a cafepress.com shirt. Speaking of cafepress.com, I added some new photos to some of my items. I’m still waiting for some sales. I may do a few vintage things for t-shirts, etc.

The mam slam went ok. She questioned why I said I was sore, but I explained it was mostly my pecs and upper back which are much better. She called the doctor to make sure! She noted that I had strained myself lifting books. Geez.

Dreary weather here! I plan to do a bunch of crafty stuff and the laundry tomorrow. I have a craving for nachos! My appetite hasn’t been great this week-thinking about today and of course my pal’s mom. I ordered her 32 mini-roses in assorted colors which were suppose to be delivered yesterday. I hope they were pretty.

Hey cookbook fans! Molly Coddled is giving away a doozie of a cookbook filled with Taste of Home recipes. Go check it out-you only have one more day to leave a comment.

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  1. Indeed, Dianne, that’s a very excellent gift idea! Thanks!

    Glad your mammogram test went okay. How long do you have to wait for the results? My step mother had to have the test twice this year because the first results were unclear. What a stressful wait that was! Fortunately, all turned out to be well.

  2. That truly is a wonderful gift idea! I saved the link in my favourites so will check it out more fully later. Glad to hear your mammogram went well…here’s praying that the results come out fine!! I’m sure Sean really missed being at home for his birthday…will make him realize that being a grown up isn’t always fun! lol xox

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