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Finally! The ’57 Thunderbird for Elijah at Love Quilts is finished. I think it looks cool. The variegated floss for the border and flames was one ‘x’ at a time.


And here is where I hung up my framed pieces.

The lighthouse is in the living room over a watercolor of the same lighthouse in Cape May!
Cape May2

Doesn’t this photo look like my cross stitched piece?

Cape May Photo

Walk in the Woods is hanging over the entertainment center on the only gold wall in the family room. I look at it every time I watch tv or am stitching. Great inspiration!
I have another ‘share’ but you can’t see it until I send it to the recipient.
Today I was decorating for fall and Halloween in the middle of an allergy attack. I am not careful when I vacuum (like behind the entertainment center) and am down in the basement digging for boxes. I do wear a dust mask when it’s a planned session-lol But it wasn’t funny today. Took a few doses of allergy nasal spray. I am far from finished. Maybe tomorrow!

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  1. What a fabulous job you did with that T-bird, it’s wonderful!! I so love where you put your framed pieces…it’s perfect putting the lighthouse one on top of the painting of it! xox

  2. The pics look great on the wall. I really like that gold wall color.

    Yes, the lighthouse painting is so very similar to your crossstitch piece. Good choice to put them together.

    By the way, thanks for sending me the MS newsletter. I haven’t had much time to check it out yet, but I will.

    Have fun if you travel tomorrow!

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