The Royals in Philly-like a 3rd grade class trip



It is almost like the same kinds of trips all us kids from the Philadelphia burbs would take in elementary school. One time we would visit Independence Hall and see the Liberty Bell (it’s been moved to another location). Then we went to the Academy of Nature Sciences or the Franklin Institute. My least favorite trip-riding ‘The Good Ship Lollipop’ down the Delaware River. It was a cold early spring day (if I remember correctly) and I got a little seasick.

So Charles and Camilla are hopping all over the city (video) seeing the sites, painting with kids, and maybe even trying a ‘Royal Philly cheesesteak’ (I’m trying to find the ingredients). They are staying at the Four Seasons. I believe they went to a concert at the Academy of Music (where I saw The Carpenters when I was 13 or 14) in honor of the Academy’s 150th anniversary. Tom Brokaw was the host. Brian told me the necklace Camilla had on was worth 25 million or some exuburant price. I still think she is one lucky lady-not so much for marrying Charles, but just because. ; ) I’d like to feel like ‘the upper crust’ of society just one time.

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  1. Hey Dianne, feeling any better today? And is the weather still really cold? I must say I’m a bit of a Charles and Camilla fan, so thanks for your update on their tour!

  2. Philly Cheese Steaks….yummmmm! I tried those for the first time when I was in Philadelphia a few years ago and oh boy, it was the best thing I’d ever eaten!! They sell them in restaurants over here but they’re nothing like the real deal! I can’t even imagine walking around with a 25 million dollar necklace around my neck…sheesh!

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