Dry as punk


My grandmom use to say this. I would get a visual of the little sticks that we would burn to ward off mosquitoes in the summer. What was the ‘punk’ part anyway? We were told it was manure and would dare each other to taste it! This is a suppressed memory and they spring into my head a lot lately. We use to do to weird stuff to lightning bugs (earrings out of their behind!). Kids can be cruel.
Anyway, I can’t really do that much in the flower beds because it is so dry. I could use the ‘weed whacker’ which I may do later, but I need some groceries too. Weed whack or grocery shop? I may choice the later because my eyes are red (see old post update).
It’s a lot cooler today anyway. I do not like warm weather in April. For one thing there is no shade and I end up sitting on the front step. All the spring flowers were wilting too.
They are telling us that the whole area is a fire hazard. There have been wildfires in New Jersey.
Hopefully we will get a little rain soon as it’s been 11 day since we had a decent rainfall (we had a wee bit last night).

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