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Five of my favorite young people on this earth…

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5 of my most favorite people
My son, nephews and solo niece!

I am sorting winter and summer clothes. Not fun when it’s so gorgeous outside. I may stop once I get the clothes off the bed-I still have to swap out my footwear. I try to get rid of at least a kitchen trash can size bag of clothes every time I do the switch over.

Hey, I’m wondering what my readers do with their seasonal clothes? Are you lucky enough to have a huge walk-in closet? Aren’t you a person that saves that many clothes each year? I know I don’t wear them all, but some years I’m more of a sweater person than the next year.

I’d rather be gardening…

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  1. They certainly do look like 5 wonderful young people!! They are very lucky to have you as a mother and an aunt:-) I’ve been doing so much stuff today and every time I take a break, I visit a few more blogging friends! lol I try to get rid of a lot of my clothes too when I do the switch over from winter to summer clothes…the Charity Center is always happy to see me! lol xox

  2. I usually take some of my clothes out like leather, wool, and longsleeve dresses. I hang them upstairs in the bonus room. Haven’t done all of that yet. We had that cold spell in April so have just now started wearing shorts

  3. Lovely family pic, Dianne! What do I do with my winter clothes when the summer comes? Actually, there isn’t a huge distinction between my summer and winter clothes. Even in summer I wera long-sleeved, long-legged things, so I leave everything exactly where it is: in my closet.

  4. I haul a lot to the basement, but my closet is always jammed packed. I really am a lot like Annemarie in th eat I wear a lot of long sleeves in the eummer (because of air conditioning at work) so I don’t have to remove much for the season change.

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