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New toy


I’ve been waiting and waiting for ‘our’ new toy and it finally came at 12:30 this afternoon-it was ice cold. I had to figure out a few things (you have to download itunes first off), but we’ve been experimenting with it and it’s fun! I got a refurbished one from Sean says it is about $100 more at his work (I got a 32 gbs).

Here is a photo I took using the ipad2:

I am actually doing well…imported 32 songs from my own collection which saved me some moola-it’s an ipod too!

I used ‘Face Time’ to talk to my brother and mom earlier-he has an iphone as does Sean. It’s like Skyping. The little book I have is quite good for a $1.

I do like Facebook better on the laptop as it of course is bigger. Pinterest looks like a weird app. My friend from Facebook uses all the different readers and downloads books from the library.

I hope to get to the tree tomorrow. I had to go food shopping as the freezer was pretty empty of meat. Now my eye is on the red side, outer corner of the right. I just had my hair done, so not sure if I rubbed a product in it or not. It’s a bit weepy. I swear it’s always something.

My mom got a tablet (not an iPad2) too! My brother is trying to get it to boot up. I got it through Amazon, so if it’s not that great, we’ll send it back. It got good reviews, but like all technology, you have to get use to using it.