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Plugging away


Seems like I’m moving in slow motion today (Tuesday). All I managed to do was clear off the coffee table in the family room and move some stuff around in the basement trying to find a box for the below named gift. The box I found was not that great, but I added some stickers and pretty gray pearl tissue paper to it inside-much better. I did make a spaghetti dinner and some banana chocolate chip coffeecake (pictured below). My main thing tonight was watching the finale of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (I won’t say who won for west coast readers). That is one awesome show to watch in HD. I sat and went through the Lakeside.com huge Christmas catalog and ordered about 19 things, a few things for most of the people on my list (and me to save Bri). I did order these to split up with mom. I have to hop over to Amazon (probably on Friday) and order a few things for Sean. I will then hit Wally World and Tuesday Morning and call it a holi’day’-hopefully. : )
No word from mom yet. I so hate disagreements!