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Daytripping to Bucks County, PA


Cruising up the New Jersey coast


Day trips can be interesting


Sean is good at taking me places where I show an interest in. I did a google search once on ‘shopping in Lancaster’ and Stoudtburg Village came up. He had off last Saturday and he said we could take a drive up. It was over an hour drive and we saw lovely farms and scenery.

Sean in hot Stoudtsburg Village in Adamsville, Pa

The village itself wasn’t very busy and it was quite warm that day. The shop owners buy the building  and live above the stores! I like that idea! So we started to walk around and went by a lady who was about to prop open her door. I advised her against it and then we started to talk. She let us see her ‘courtyard’ or garden which was really pretty with the purple and lime green. She wasn’t going to open until the 19th and let us to see her store. She had awesome antiques and I loved the boater hats like my great grandfather William use to wear (as seen in photos).


This was outside ‘Plum Pludding’ if you ever want to visit.
The store wasn't open it was called Plum Pudding and the lady was nice enough to let us come in and look around because we traveled so far.

We looked in a few stores, one being a candy store and I got my mom her favorite ‘Black Jack’ gum and some Violet candies I liked.

We went to the antique mall area there and the lady said she was going close in 5 minutes. There were a few other people in the mall and I think I would have kept it open a little longer so we could enjoy looking around.

I mentioned a multi cache that was located in the village. We found the first one pretty easily. The hint lead us to a sitting area and there were people sitting on their balcony. The lady said she knew what we were poking around for and we looking in the right area. I saw a sprinkler head and it was a big sprinkler for such a small area. Sean pulled on it, but it didn’t budge. Then we looked more and were about to melt when I went over to the sprinkler and turned the top and the coordinates to inside. We just couldn’t find the third one on foot. We even drove around. I do believe we found the north coordinates. We looked a long time for this cache. So I have the numbers written down to look for it in cooler weather. The town is suppose to be an antique mecca, and I’d love to go look around there again.



This was the antique mall with nice murals….


Sean wanted to see a preserve near by and we saw the sign, but not much of the preserve, except for the residential area. We did go by the craft warehouse place that recently closed where I enjoyed shopping a few months ago.

We ended up at the Park City Mall in Lancaster and I got a Salads work and Sean a burger. By then I wasn’t feeling that great from the heat and while Sean shopped a bit, I sat down.

So we could record finding a cache, we stopped at a McDonald’s as the cache there was very popular. The cache was a bird house in a holly bush!

Fun geocache find in Lancaster on the way home.

We also stopped for this:

Waffle House! Seen in Witness movie. Brought half home.

I could only eat half!

Exploring in MD and DE


We got up on the 9th and headed to a crowded Dunkin Donuts for a quick breakfast which was anything but that! Seems everyone wants their beach munchies at the same time. When we passed just a few hours later the place was void of vehicles.

We headed to one of my favorite spots on earth-the inlet of Ocean City, MD. There is so much water around you! There’s the jetty, the view of the boardwalk and amusements and Assateague from across the bay.


We were here a few hours and ventured to around O.C. for a few more geocaches and back to North Park again.

I found a clever birdfeeder cache at OC city hall (looking for photo)

and one in a neat ‘tropical’ garden Dewey Beach, DE too.
Cache area on Bethany Beach, DE

We found a cache in the Isle of Wight park across the bridge from Ocean City

Isle of Wight park pier




We stopped for salad and pizza and then headed to the Old Navy store-can’t go there without buying something. We got on the road and I asked Sean if we could stop in Milford, DE to see a cache that is suppose to be a haunted house.  He said why not!


When we drove up, I thought it looked like a movie set! Eek.




That little window must be for decoration only!

So we go around to the back and GZ seems to be an herb garden. I am looking under this silvery herb which I think was Santolina and Sean is starting to get attacked by mosquitoes.  I say to him, ‘Can’t you lift one piece of this herb to save my back?’ He comes over like he is ‘guided’ and lifts the section where the cache is! Now that is spooky! I read that paranormal investigators were in this house all night and asked the ‘occupant’ what games did they like to play? (they try and keep to the period of the people who resided there) and they picked up ‘slipper’ as a reply. The investigators researched ‘slipper’ and it was indeed a childhood game of the Civil War era! They learned how to play the game and the electro magnetic fields (I think this is what they are called) were more active when they were doing so!

When we left, we were approaching a red light and I said, ‘Sean, you are going to go through a red light!!’ and he didn’t stop! Hope it was because he was just tired or should have taken off his sunglasses. There was a car to the left of the intersection too.

Anyway, we got home in good time and reflecting on the trip, we were glad we headed south.

Exploring some, researching and fun!


Since Sean didn’t go to Los Angeles, he wanted to see some place different, so he booked a room at the Revel Casino down in Atlantic City and said we could join him. Now it’s nice to see something different, but in April, you are going to miss a lot of the outdoor experience. It figures we did have summer like weather for a few days ‘before’ we went down to the beach, but unfortunately the temps went down 30 degrees and it was also windy and foggy besides chilly. The two places Sean wanted to see were closed on Thursday! Lucky for him and Brian, I wrote down some geocaches I thought would be interesting to find, two being at the places that were closed. They both agreed it would be something to do before heading to Atlantic City. We were in Stone Harbor, NJ and our first stop was at the Wetlands Institute. Sean is doing a research paper about NJ wetlands!

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 003

We did get to go in the next day and checked out their indoor exhibits. Sean went up in that look out yesterday as both Brian and I were weary of the circular stairs. We want to visit again when it’s nicer out.

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 005

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 011

There is a inside joke about every time I am close to the beach, it’s windy! See my hair! This is me with the 1st geocache find in hand. The other hand is holding my custom made stamper with my geocacher name on it. Stamp and go (and I do sign the date too-so it saves a little time, but looks nice with the red ink).

Our next stop was to the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary. It’s been here for 66 years and we have never seen it!

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 022

I knew the geocache here would be fast and it was. Another place that will be worth a trip back to see when it is green and lush…and full of birds! We had a few Chickadees giving us the business though.

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 017

One more look near the beach and it was 3 for 3! The little film canister blew away on me and Brian had to get it with a stick! We went behind a fence to see the beach and ocean and there was about a 10 foot or more drop due to Hurricane Sandy last October 2012.

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 025

Foggy and gray!

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 031

Sean on Friday at the 88th St. beach where there was a geocache hide(we didn’t find that one as the sand was really piled up)

So we asked the man at the Stone Harbor Museum (where we found another very nicely kept cache-4 for 4) where to eat and he mentioned Fred’s Tavern. We went and had the best burgers! I haven’t raved about food in a while, but these were on brioche rolls, so extra delicious.

We looked for one more cache near an ice cream parlor. It was a nano-Sean and me looked everywhere. Brian stayed in the car and generally if you tell him to find a nano, he can. After I logged it as a DNF (4 for 5), the CO emailed me and told me exactly where it was. The next day we went back and this time Brian found it.

Photo credits mostly go to Brian!

Next post Atlantic City!

Daytrippin’ on Brian’s bd


Sunday was my hubby Brian’s birthday and we decided to go somewhere a few hours away. We headed just above the Reading area to one of Pennsylvania’s ‘nature wonders’ Crystal Cave, Roadside America and the West Reading area.

I happen to turn on my phone (it’s not working anymore….died today) and saw where a geocache was just hidden about 45 minutes earlier. We turned around and headed back to yet another ancient cemetery cache. Sean got out of the car with me and we headed to the far end of the white washed wall. Sean actually had to climb over the wall and there it was, it was nicely camouflaged with fake ivy! So neat to be the ‘first to find’ for the second time.


The GPS took us down a winding road, but we saw lots of scenery too.

After a quick lunch, we got to the Crystal Cave area. There were balls of snow along the roads which we haven’t really seen down this way all winter.

I had to climb a rather steep hill to the entrance of the cave. I’ve been having problems with hills and since using the bike, I can see a little improvement, but I still had to stop a few times. After the tour, I was surprised at actually how steep the hill was!

The cave was found by mistake in the 1871. Two farmers were blasting for limestone (valuable for enriching the soil) and found the cave!

KutztownReading13 004

The cave itself was pretty neat. Brian took some great photos. It’s thousands and thousands of years old!

KutztownReading13 009

KutztownReading13 027

KutztownReading13 028

The ‘ball room’….there were actually a few weddings in here-one they had 100 people squeezed in here! That’s the altar to the left.

KutztownReading13 013

See Abe Lincoln?

When all the lights go out at the end of the day, 100s of bats fly out of the cave to fly through the night! Eek!

At one point, the guide turned out the lights and it was black as pitch. I felt and retrieved Sean’s hand. : )

KutztownReading13 046

KutztownReading13 047

They got a few inches of snow here the next day. We actually got more. It’s all gone now.

Next post-Roadside America!

Well isn’t that smashing?


Sean and I have had colds this week. He is sicker than me, but still is plugging away. I thought I’d be blowing my nose like crazy, well I have done that enough, but it’s the achiness that is getting to me. I wanted to do something distracting, so I pulled out my ‘Smash’ book. This is a book I bought over a year ago. A smash book is like a scrapbook, but you ‘jam’ more stuff into it. I tend to be a little more organized than that. Here is what I started out with:


That’s one of those fold up organizers I am using. The stuff in the top wants to fall out all the time.

This is my ‘Abbey Road on the River’ spread from when we went to the Beatles tribute event in Aug./Sept. 2011 and 2012.  We saw the guitar that George Harrison is posing with in this photo. I got a catalog in the mail and lo and behold, George was on the cover. I really liked the shot, so I used it in my Smash book.


I have a paper I hand wrote near George that tells about the Beatles tribute event. The pocket has the programs from the two years that we attended plus a postcard and bookmark The little ‘Peeps’  picture is because they are a sponsor. We probably won’t go again for a while as we weren’t happy with the way it was run last year.


It’s hard to believe our New York trip was almost a year ago! I wish I felt like I did back then. The left side has a bumper sticker from the 9-11 Memorial store-seeing that was a big thing.  There’s a receipt from the store and the little envelope holds a card describing the purchase of a metal cast leaf I bought (the tree will grow at the sight). The next page is a happier one-Sean holding an umbrella next to Radio City Music Hall (we had a  bit of gloomy visit the first night and day and then it got chilly and windy); a card from Tinsel Trading Company-a store I wanted to see that sold millinery and crafty things; and the  description of the caramels I bought from Dylan’s candy bar. Oh…the mustache is from the Lorax movie! He was visiting at Dylan’s.


Brian took me to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum around April 1st. We weren’t allowed to take photos of the exhibit, but I took plenty of shots around the museum. The one on the right is from the mailer and that’s the the pamphlet of from show. When you open the pamphet, A Rembrandt card (shaped like him) is there-see his foot? We saw a few of his works of art, plus I bought this in the gift shop.


In June, we had our Delmarva trip. I met up with a internet pal Rachael and we headed over to the art museum to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. It was great to meet her. I bought the Andy card in the gift shop (the Rembrandt one looks like this) and some postcards of his most famous works.

The last page I worked on yesterday was about the November election we went to see both the First Lady Michelle Obama (in August) and then President Bill Clinton a few days before the 2012 election. I have the email about picking up the tickets, the tickets in the holder, stickers and some ballot ends.


So on the health front, I’m still fighting these body aches and fatigue. I seem worse since I have had the cold. I missed work, but heard a bunch of others called out sick on Wednesday too. My cold wasn’t what made me feel blah-it was the body aches! I got an appointment at a rheumatologist office  at the beginning of March. I googled about menopause and arthritis and didn’t something come up! Seems there is a parallel. I am looking into going to another doctor  specializing in hormonal issues. At this point, I can’t hardly do anything without having to sit down in half an hour. I’ll probably call the doctor near my hometown later. I want to be able to add more pages to my smash book!

Keep my mom and brother in your thoughts and prayers as my brother’s Dalmation Baxter appears to be at the end of his life. Mom thinks he’s at least 13 or 14 (maybe older). He is in a lot of pain, it takes him 5 minutes to lay down and he has hardly any bowel control at this point. He is on medicine, but yesterday he was just so miserable. Such a sad time.

Looking for abandoned relatives and caches


Friday seems to be our day to go out shopping and caching. A antique mall down in Newark, DE had a sale going on and since I haven’t been there for a few months, we headed on down. It’s near where we bought our Mariner and we kind of forgot where to go. Anyway, found some great old photos and a big bag of vintage greeting cards and some little figurines. I got between 20-40% off. My ‘prize’ was a trio of photos of a little girl (back in 1921) named Irene posing. She may be someone’s abandoned relative, but at least she has a name. I’ll share photos soon. I may redo the frame and matting and I will hang it up.

As for cache hunting…we (well me, but Bri too) wanted to find #50…and we did! It was a funny looking vial, I don’t even know what it’s for and don’t want to know.

The next one was near a mural in the town. I think it was on some traffic signal sign right where people were zooming by…passed that one, but the mural was cute. Didn’t take a photo, but will if I look again sometime. This was a noisy, going in circles kind of area. And it was hot, so not fun as it could be. I do like the town as it has some cute shops…will come back when it’s cooler.

I happen to see there was one right near a fountain at the University of Delaware, a very nice campus. We looked in the blazing sun again for a nano-those tiny ones, no luck.

Found the below in a cemetery. We were all sweaty after 10 minutes!

Bri’s getting good at spotting these little containers. Glad it was blue!

We did drive-thrus in few shopping centers on the way home. The one may have been in bushes, but again I looked, but didn’t dig deeper as there was a ton of traffic in that area. I lost the GPS at the other shopping center. These are some in shopping areas we go to once in a while. so we will look again. I am liking the big ammo boxes and down in Delaware we can find quite a few along the Delaware Geocaching Trail.

We stopped for a yummy cheese steak sandwich in a shop that was too warm. A few doors down was a cupcake place…yeah, I splurged ($2.25 each). I got one with Carole/Pea in mind as she’s at a tribute event for Elvis this weekend. I tried half-it’s a banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting and bacon. I thought it needed more of a contrast between sweet and savory. The other I bought was a Key lime with coconut cake-nice.

We watched the Olympics-nice opening across the pond in Great Britain. Some of those countries need to rethink how they dress their athletics. Many were comical to say the least.

We are planning a few activities-a ghost tour in Philly-but Brian and me. We are going the 15th of August, so pray it’s cooled off by 7 pm. They last about 1.5 hours.  This is a Livingsocial deal.

And we are thinking about the Beatlemania event that is held over Labor Day weekend that we went to last year in Maryland. Just one night and there are a few ticket deals online. We had fun last year and Sean said he’d buy his own admission too. Got to get that booked.

A photo from last year…