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Took a little walk in the wind


Well I was up in air as to what to do today as it was a bit breezy, but warm. Longwood Gardens is having their orchid displays until the end of March, so I decided to go for walk and some photo taking. I renewed my membership for the year which went up $5, but they also give you two free tickets for your guests. It pays for itself after about four times.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

What you see when you enter the one end of the conservatory
Gorgeous Orchid display
A very tame squirrel. I had fun editing this for a friend
I know a good place to live
White columns of orchids
White Orchid Columns
Begonias and Aechmea
Begonias and Aechmea
Amazing Stargazer lilies
Stargazer lilies
One of my favorite flowers-Blue Poppies
I love Blue Poppies
Hanging orchids and an archway
Arch of orchids and hanging orchids
A trained Nectarine tree with blooms
Nectarine blooms
Yellow butterfly bushes that smelled like exotic honey.
Yellow Butterfly bush
A moth-like orchid the Calathea
Calathea up close
Take it from the Longwood gardeners-how to prune a rose bush-many only had one or two main stems!
How to prune a rose bush
Mother of Thousands plant
Mother of Thousands
I’ve been taking Olive leaf capsules for my blood pressure (think it is helping-thanks Dr. Oz). Here is an Olive tree
Olive tree
There are more photos in Flickr-just click on a photo above.

Ahola to the Philly Flower Show


It was crowded beyond crowded at the Philadelphia Flower Show on Tuesday-must have been the bus crowd as the average age was 65+. We usually go on a Sunday and on a train and doing so we can usually get closer to the exhibits. My middle brother drove and took the long way in because of Sean’s GPS. It was nice to go with my brother as our relationship had been rocky for a while. When we got down to the city, we parked in Chinatown and Sean and I went into a restaurant to use their bathrooms. We said we’d be back and we did go back.
Sean and I decided to go to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch as it was going on to 1:30 as it was. Mom and her friend Jim went into the show and my brother went in another direction. That would be the only time we would see them all until we left at 5:30.
Outside of Reading Terminal Market
It was also crowded. We got premade tuna wraps and a soda and there was no place to sit down inside. We sat in a little park area and ate. There was this neat mosaic structure.

A mosaic converted cone in a park in Philly

When we went back in the convention center (which was expanded) we looked up and saw empty tables on the next level. There was also a restaurant in the middle of the flower show. It was $18 for three courses. No one in our party ate there.

So we saw the cool ocean exhibit first and then the waterfall exhibit which was packed. It had music and an interesting light show. It was also hard to photograph.
Main waterfall display
The orchids were abundant at the show. These were at the base of the waterfall:
Gorgeous Orchids
The surfboard table was rather unique:
Surfboard table and cushions
I love these colors together. The butterflies were a nice addition
Display-mainly tulips
These were unique too-from the Vancouver, BC area
Orchids in cubes
A hammock is required for Hawaii!
Hammock scene

Hawaiian Anthuriums
Hawaiian Anthuriums

 Hawaii Anthurium display
It wouldn’t be the flower show without a Azalea or Daffodil display:
Salmon and pink azaleas

Daffodils make me smile
The Bonsai were very lovely:
Bonsai and watercolor

Pretty Bonsai display
A canoe garden:
Banana boats
This nursery is a few towns over from my mom. Not sure what the significant of the piled up stones is. It took up a lot of space and wasn’t colorful.
Stacked stones
Here’s something for Pinterest for sure!
Cool bucket lights
The gardens in this display were very lush:
A home herb/flower garden
Near the end, my photos got a bit blurry. I had the ISO set high and maybe near the competitor’s plants it was bright enough to have it lower.
And here’s the restaurant where we ate. Sean didn’t care for his meal as they added green peas to his old standby of Shrimp and Cashew nuts. He never liked peas. They said that the original thing he ordered, Baby shrimp and Macadamia nuts was seasonal. I think they didn’t have a jar of them maybe? The food was good.
Chinatown restaurant in Philly
I bought only a few things, “Jade” roses for $5, the real lei and a bouquet of dried flowers which I don’t have in a vase yet. Pretty!
Roses and Lei from the Philly Flower Show
I’ve got plans already for Brian’s birthday weekend down in Elkton, MD. in a few weeks!

Photo Hunt-Flat

Flat waterlilies, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I see that someone else took over the Photo Hunt, so I decided to play again.
The last few times that I have been to Longwood Gardens, this garden is naturally closed as it’s the wintertime. I love looking at these flat ones so much. Too bad there aren’t any big bullfrogs on these.


I put aside Friday for arts and crafts and did this. It may or may not be finished.

I copied a dictionary page on green paper and then ran it through the printer again to get the lady in the upper right (did I say how much I love having a copy machine?) It’s the page that has the meaning of ‘fashion’ on it.  I am using a plastic lid off a candy box for the frame. I was going to make a shadowbox, but it got etched when I tried to scrape off the stickers. Now I have two rectangular frames I can use!

Unique natural decor


Sean had off on Tuesday, so we decided to go out to lunch as I had a gift card for a Chinese restaurant. I try to eat salmon when I see it on the menu, so that’s what I got on brown rice. Sean had chicken and almonds. We both had egg drop soup. We went over to Pier One and I bought a few sweet things. I didn’t even take anything out of the bag as I had to go to work from 5-10. We then went across the road to Terrain and I took some photos with my camera phone of their unique display:

Gorgeous red Amaryllis 

This was a two tiered tin planter with tiny white Poinsettia around the bottom and dainty Narcissus

This is real cotton in a display. They also pulled it apart to look like a snow covered tree. You can see it in the first photo well.

Sunday and Monday I dedicated to making cookies. I made Chocolate chips, Sour Cream Drops, 7 layer cookies, Peanut butter swirls, Cinnamon chip oatmeal and Rum balls.

 I am on call again in the morning, so hoping not to have to go in, but I’m doubting that. Then they get me again on call Thursday and I work Friday morning. I mainly need to clean the house now.

Can you find the Monarch butterfly?


You may have to enlarge the photo by clicking on it and then looking at the largest image by clicking through the one that comes up-from the right corner-got that? Update-he is on the flower below the tallest flower in the middle.
Went for a walk at Longwood Gardens today and I was surprised by all the flowers still in bloom-and the bees and butterflies. I went for a peaceful walk around the lake there, the opposite direction I went with my friends last time.
Tropical leaf

Lake and changing fall colors

Trio of geese

Bee on Dahlia

Photo Hunt Yellow and Covered


Brandywine heirloom yellow tomato
Very yummy Brandywine heirloom. There are also ‘pear’ tomatoes that are smaller.
We have wild vines all over our yard, but here’s a creeping vine at Longwood Gardens about to cover this structure.
Metal Structure covered with vines
Here’s one from my yard about to cover my bedroom shutter.
Vines reaching up to shutter
Update-This is called a Purple Hyacinth Bean vine and I bought it from an Amish lady in Lancaster, PA.

For you


These were some of the sparse flowers I grew from seed. With the unusual growing season, only certain things (thinking tomatoes and zucchini) shot to stardom in my garden.

I had a few visitors on this Monday; our parish priest and a house painter, though not at the same time. Father only stays for about 5 minutes for family updates. We talked cars a little since he drives a Chrysler Sebring (a gift from the parish a few years ago). He asked if my car was a ‘mustard’ color-I replied ‘Inca Gold’.
The painter’s sign was seen up in Kennett-we need the short sides painted and over the roof. I hope he’s not too pricey as the paint is peeling over the roof.
Brian is over with his dad as he couldn’t get his cell phone to work right. We go to the concert tomorrow night. It’s a bit cool tonight, so I better take a jacket with me tomorrow. Can’t wait. I love to go to at least one concert a year.
It was a glorious day here and will be for a few more days.

I put up a sunflower wreath and added the sparkley metal one to it:

I’ll be taking down the beachy decor soon, but since I just dusted it, I took a few shots of it:

A fine feathered friend


Yesterday when I was lazying around I was sitting at the dining room table and saw movement in the tree through the window and it was directly in front of me! I saw it was one of the birds we have been hearing and hardly seeing across the street! I think it was a young she (from the bird guide book) and ran to get the camera and add the zoom lens. Here is one of the better captures:

At first I thought it was a Peregrine Falcon, but it is really close to the Cooper’s Hawk! We have a development 1/2 mile down the road called ‘Falcon’s Lair’. But the funny thing is on the way to shopping yesterday, we passed a Lane called ‘Cooper’s Hawk’ in Chadds Ford! Go figure. I guess she was watching the bank and stream for dinner!
It’s really a pleasant day out and I’ve been mostly inside messing with uninstalling and installing software. I finally got the EOS digital to work on my computer, but I didn’t want to load it up with a bunch of software and photos. I guess it’s good to have the camera software, which doesn’t seem to work. I had to go to the control panel and it found the camera and then imported the photos. I would like to take the 460 mbs of photo stuff off if that’s what I have to do everytime.
I have an issue that I hope goes away before our trip since I have to sit a lot. I have had this issue off and on for years. Pain in the…opps! ; )
And here it the Moonflower in bloom. It’s had a few more, but I see Mr. Catepillar nibbled some of them…

It smells nice too! Maybe I will go and take a cushion to enjoy a little of this low humidity day! : )

Monochrome flowers


Monochrome flowers, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I went to Longwood Gardens by myself as my mom said she wasn’t able to drive as her back was bad. She said she doesn’t think she will be able to drive out here that much anymore. : (
I was sitting fiddling with the camera settings as the files were too large and my card was filled up. I decided to try the monochrome and shot this right next to where I was sitting. Pretty cool!
I walked around almost the entire place and did well, not too hot! I walked up at least 50+ steps. I guess losing 6-7 pounds is a plus. More photos…
I ❤ you!
Reflection of sky with water lilies
Canna Lilies in Pink
For Zoey!