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Sow with me!


I got some neat snail mail today from my pal Zoey out of Michigan. In the pretty card she included some Burpee ‘Night and Day’ Nasturtium seeds. I went on Burpee’s site to get a photo and they didn’t have one, so I found it elsewhere:

T. majus Pale ivory-yellow contrasted with bold mahogany adds an appealing zest to any container or border. The compact, 12 inch plants are covered with a vivid flush of either color. Sure to be a favorite. Germination code: (4)
By providing adequate water and clipping seed heads, your Nasturtiums will reward you with a profusion of 2 inch blooms from July to fall’s first frost. The flowers make a lightly spicy edible garnish, too!

Well, Ms. Zoey-I ‘accept’ your challenge if you can call it that! : ) Thanks so much for the seeds and thinking of me!

Zoey said she’ll do container sowing and I’m thinking of both container and in ground sowing. Last year Zoey had gorgeous Nasturtiums and mine were ‘so so’. I had sent Zoey some Nasturtiums I found at the Longwood Gardens gift shop (from Renee’s Seeds). I want to see photos from both of us in the late summer!

Well it’s been another slow week for me. I finally went out yesterday (after a week) to do some produce and a little grocery shopping (at a Dollar General) as I just needed to just get out! I am still getting congested and I had a bit of a cough along with it. I need to get my teeth worked on in a few days. I think sinus issues that drag on are the worse! Sean had sinus issues but he is doing well. He also used the┬áhumidifier for two nights. I think I need the machine for my chest congestion.

We had a dusting of snow a few days ago and we are expecting maybe an inch tonight. It’s a boring winter and I hope it stays that way as the next month or so will be busy for us. We are going to NYC in a few weeks and then Bri and I are taking that weekend at the B&B that was postponed in November for my birthday for his birthday in March.

2011 in retrospect


I’ve been a bit busy with work on New Year’s day (12-6, very boring) and running around to after Christmas sales with Brian on Monday. He goes back to work today. I was thinking though 2011 didn’t start out that great, we still got the nice 2005 Mariner at the end of January:

It was my vehicle for a few months until we spotted this one on the internet in July:

Yikes….it’s not a Ford/Mercury (my family loves Fords) and now we have two car payments a month for the next several years. I do love my little Ina who just turned 10. I’ve only seen two other gold PT Cruisers since July. She’s a rare one in these parts.

We decided we needed to take a few trips, not a week…but usually one or two nights.

First we went to Baltimore, MD and loved it there!

Neat shot against mirrors of Sean

Baltimore’s World Trade Center
Baltimore Aquarium in background
And we took the ‘side trip’ from Baltimore to Fort McHenry where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write our national anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.
Brian-watch out!
(Opps-that’s my funny shot)
Sean and Dianne with harbor in background

We got to see Chincoteague Island and really loved the place too!

Dianne on Chincoteague beach

Chincoteague wild horses zoom

Because we had the Mariner, we got to travel more than we had in previous years.

Sean and I saw the taping of a local Philly talk show and one of the guests was ace Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee!

Us in the audience!

We went to the tribute band event ‘Beatlemania’ down in National Harbor, MD

Heading for concerts
Dianne posing at the Gaylord fountain

We took a little time to see Alexandria, VA. and liked it there as well.
Flag draped city hall

At the end of September, we finally got to go to a mini reunion for my high school class in Ocean City, NJ! It was fun and we enjoyed seeing the town of OC and Cape May, NJ also. My mom was along for that trip.

Some of the gang from the class of 77
My mom Jeanne in front of the Virginia Hotel

Brian took me up to York, PA again in October so I could attend the rubber stamp and scrapbooking show and we looked around the town a bit, not as much as I would have liked. But we went over to Mount Joy so we could eat at Bubbe’s Pub.

Brian at Bube's Brewery

I got to see my little pal Nick and his mom Jenn on his second birthday when we spent the day at Longwood Gardens:

Playing with Pumpkins
And oh Longwood…I really went there so many more times than I have in the past and hope to do so this year too!

And the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in November up in Oaks, PA was fun too-never been to that either. I found some nice gifts for people there.

So, it was a good year that we got to go places and see new things. We got to spend time with old and new friends and our family. I always like spending time with Brian and Sean, but this group-my ‘almost’ children (and mom too). : )

I want to get back on the weight loss track, one reason I posted photos of me at different angles. I plan to keep walking in the lovely local park and Longwood too!

And I can’t forget about getting the job. I’m wondering if I’ll still be there next week, only time will tell! If not, I’ll be taking a break for a month or so to get the house in shape and do some art.

Fun day at Longwood


The Fritzens and me, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

My pal Jennifer brought her son down to Longwood for his 2nd birthday today and was nice enough to invite me. The last time I saw both of them was in Ocean City, MD back in June, 2010. N. was about 8 months and he’s just as sweet and laid back as he was as an itty bitty. He was a bit shy with me at first and warmed up to me later. Longwood has a beautiful train display featuring Thomas the blue-faced engine in his own garden. I don’t think N. could believe the big layout for the trains. He really enjoyed that part, put when he got to the water fountains, he was in heaven! He got to check out several fountains and had to be changed. A true water lover. We had lunch also. I have been wanting their mushroom soup since the weren’t up at the Mushroom Festival last month. It was good. N. wasn’t too hungry, he wanted to ‘drive’ his stroller around which I remember Sean doing way back when.
The pumpkin here weighed about 840 lbs and N. said it was ‘heavy’. He was correct.
Here’s a neat parasol display:
Parasols on the ceiling
and my little buddy playing:
Train fan
Playing with Pumpkins
Such a pretty display:
Glorious pumpkin display
Good day!!



Steps of The Poor Richard Inn, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I don’t remember ever being near the beach at this time of the year, so we got to see pumpkins, mums and other autumnal decor. This is the steps of the Poor Richard Inn where we stayed back in 1999.
CapeMay gingerbread trim
Gingerbread trim is so pretty!
Mandevilla on lamp post of Victorian home
The landscaping was gorgeous. Love the Mandevilla on this unique lamppost. This home was built in the 1880s!
Bunny gazing ball stand
You know I love gazing balls.
Neat pumpkin totems at the Virginia Hotel
These are clever decorations. As mentioned below, this is the door to The Virgina Hotel where my maternal grandparents honeymooned in 1921.
Grandparents 1921 honeymoon hotel receipt
Cute elf butterfly catcher at the Poor Richard Inn
Cute elf butterfly catcher
Arcade at Cape May
The arcade where we played games in the summer of 1967

Cape May, NJ beach
The sky was rather ominious!
Tour trolley
Cute tour trolley. Missed the horse drawn carriages.
The Empress
‘The Empress’ what an amazing ‘private home’! I couldn’t get it all in one photo!

The Empress was built with the purpose of opening as a bed and breakfast. And yes, it is as neat and mysterious inside as one would expect– not that we’ve seen it first hand (the owner is out of the country) but we’ve chatted with a couple of people who have been inside and have had a look at the original blueprints. It has eight guest rooms, each themed after a queen – hence the name, “The Empress.” Each guest room has its own luxurious bathroom, also themed with regard to European tiles and decor. At the ground level, blueprints show a spacious parlor with a fireplace, an adjacent living room, also with fireplace, a dining room and big gourmet kitchen.

Gazebo and garden of 'The Empress' home
The garden of ‘The Empress’
I have to say I was so exhausted from having about 7 hours of sleep in 2 days. I had tossed and turned the night before going to the beach and that night, even though we turned the lights off at 12:30, the air conditioning, light peeking in through the slants in the blinds and my mom being noisy (when she takes out her hearing aides, she doesn’t know how loud she is). We had a little trouble finding Cape May (feel dumb-a few towns over) as the GPS wasn’t working that great.
Here are a few scenes from Ocean City, NJ
Ocean City 5&10
Not too many 5&10s around! It was a cute store with lots of marked down merchandise that mom enjoyed going through.
Consignment shop window in OC
Neat window of a consignment shop
Nice beach day in OC
Not too bad of a beach day
Where we ate breakfast with the gang
Where we met the gang for breakfast…mom bought ‘a baker’s dozen’ of their famous cinnamon donuts and they didn’t last long-only had two in three days. The car smelled so good.
For sale in Ocean City!
If I won the lottery!!
Me and Heather
My pal Heather and me. Many of the ladies came down together and hung out together, just like high school. I hung out mostly with Heather (she was solo) and Sue and her hubby.
And last but not least, our photo booth shots-so crazy!
Photo booth photos
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Red as a rose and other things


Welcome Cardinal Sign

Red, red rose
Indian summer
Dreaming in Red Skinny card
Ruby red daylily
Today I had lunch with my high school pal Heather. We get together now and then which is nice. I so enjoy talking to ladies my own age instead of just men or my mom. Goes to show that many of my good friends are around my age. I have friends in their late 30s and I tell them I’m kinda like an auntie, but we share many of the same interests. : )
Sean went along for the ride, dropped me off and Heather and I went in PF Chang’s for lunch. Afterwards, Sean and I strolled along in some high priced stores (I check out the sales or sale rooms-but got nothing today). We then went over to Home Goods and I got some new towels, tea and a few little things. That fancy shamancy gardening place had a sale-actually what the sale price is should be their real prices-lol. I got some hot pink phlox in a big pot. When I got home I noticed it had powdery mildew on it. I know that is common with phlox, but should I wipe it off? I let Sean pick it out while I waited at the register, so I didn’t see it until I got home-not a good move. I think the gardening is continuing all summer here. I am really pleased with how my gardens are coming along. I would like to mulch the veggie garden as it looks really dry.
No big plans for the 4th-my oldest brother is turning 57! Wow! ; )