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Happy Birthday Mom!


We got in a few hours ago after seeing my mom on her big day. She wasn’t up to par and feeling blue, but I had gifts I had found that I knew she would enjoy.

First we stopped off for that one geocache down in a Quaker Cemetery in Concordville. It was right near where the Delaware County Community College use to be in the 1960s to early 70s before they build the new place where I attended and enjoyed.

So Brian had to play monkey man and climb a tree for the cache! He did well, but I didn’t want him to take a tumble.

Can you see it?

It’s green and up high in the middle.

So we got to mom and she enjoyed the gifts we brought. I found a 1939 World Fair book, not in good shape, but she liked it as she was 8.5 when she went!

I got her some marker pens she asked for and a few other little things.


My phone camera was a little wonky here.

Looke at the beautiful St. Bernard’s my great grandfather William painted. He painted signs for a living. He was a wonderful artist and I wish we had more of his work, though not sure if he did a lot of works like this.

My brother invited us to a roast pork, eggplant parm and mac and cheese dinner with Strawberry ice cream roll and chocolate mousse cake.

So glad we went down for mom.

Gnarly stuff


As the time ticks down for when Brian will be busier, we are trying to squeeze some more hikes into our days that are left. I will hopefully be busier also as I get a few of my online stores up and running again in a few weeks.

Yesterday we went about 10 miles from here to an area off of Rt. 72 in Delaware called Paper Mill Park. It was basically a patch of woods in between nice housing developments. When we pulled up, we didn’t see anything except lush green. Bri backed up a bit and then I saw a walking path.

It was a narrow path and we saw a pond to our left with about 50 feet or so of trees and brush on both sides. The two caches we found were on the pond side….near trees.

We first had to walk under this ‘gnarly tree’. I felt like I was walking in the woods of the enchanted forest!

I had just gotten those seafoam color shorts the night before. I like them! (Caribbean Joe).

Nice pond we checked out after finding the two caches here.

There were a few of these large boxes-I think they were bat houses! They eat mosquitoes and we should get one as the skeeters are so bad all the time now.

We went to find another smaller cache called ‘the most tacky cache in Delaware’. Yay, curiosity got the best of me. The place was a ‘road’ that lead to fields all around and the grass was really long (tick land). I think the cache was nearer a somewhat quiet road, but when the cars went by, they zoomed by.  We would of had to walk a bit through that grass. I think ‘tacky’ meant it was magnetic. I’d like to find it when the grass is cut!

We also found a cache near a park where people mostly ride horses. Bri is getting good-he saw a path off a gravel path and the cache was in there! But he looked in the wrong tree, it was actually under a stump that had a hole in it like a fairy house. I dropped a travel coin in there to pass along.

The plastic on this map was really scuffed up!

We are up to 96 finds now! Hope to get 4 over the weekend as we are going to a flea market on Sunday and there are some near this area.

We stopped at a new Cali-Mexican place for dinner and I could only eat half of it as I got full and I was more thirsty then  hungry.  We grabbed a few groceries and headed to the cache at the dairy we couldn’t find a few nights earlier.  This time we saw a woodsy area we ignored the night before. We went in there and found it right away! The cache was very visible, but the log was on the ground in several pieces. We picked it up the best we could and replaced it in a better hiding area. The cache owner emailed me and said it had been ‘muggled’ five times this year. Kids have to be doing it.

We did get to take my mom out to dinner a few nights ago. We picked a classy Asian style restaurant and it was really delicious. Mom enjoyed her meal as did Sean and me.

She had a chicken, shrimp and scallops in a tangerine sauce. Sean and I had Imperial Shrimp. The menu was so fancy, I didn’t know what some of the items were on it!

And Zoey was right, my Persian Shield really came back nicely after it was overwintered in the basement.

I didn’t do much today, though I am about to make dinner. I had terrible indigestion from either the new restaurant’s food or some snack food I was eating. I am better, but I was tossing and turning a lot last night.

Someone was watching from above


Today I was trying to get a hold of my mom for a few hours. Finally I called my brother, the one who lives around the corner to go check on her if he could. He said she was at his house. Well she was just there with us yesterday with Brian and me.  He had to go get her in our hometown. She had been leaving the bank and was carefully going into the intersection when a woman in her 40s broadsided her! She started to spin and saw she was heading for another car and lady and turned the steering wheel hard and missed her by inches. She was seat belted in as far as I know and is fine. They had a hard time getting her out of the car at the door got stuck shut. And the car’s right axle is bent, so her 21 yr old car is totaled. I don’t know how the lady could not see a blue sedan. I am so thankful she is fine. She was choking up tonight as she really liked the car. Ahhh. Scary for an almost 82 year old.

Brian went for the interview today. It’s a food store and only part-time. The woman said they only hire p-t. So he will  probably take it, though his hours will range from 12-30. I think he’ll have the ‘early bird special’ hours. It’s getting something on his resume in the food industry too. I think I will have to get more serious about a job too. I’ve been really miserable at night and need to get that under control. I plan to add items to both etsy and eBay for pocket money and I want to design some greeting cards. Things will hopefully get better sooner or later.

And I leave you with an interesting tree we found at the park in Delaware. This is the park you pay to get it…

Seeing The First Lady of the USA!


What an exciting day we had up in Montgomery County, PA yesterday! I got an email, said to pick up the tickets and come on up to see First Lady Michelle Obama. Brian literally held the camera over the heads of other people (zoom lens). We arrived late, got our purses searched and walked through a metal detector. We had to stand almost an hour to wait for Mrs. Obama. The school (Upper Dublin high school, about an hour from here) only had the one side of bleachers open. Thank goodness my mom had a fold up chair, but that little lady had to walk from a field.

Not too bad right? We only got a few clear ones. We took my almost 82 yr old mom along as none of us has ever seen a First Lady before…just their inaugural gowns in the American History museum. Sean has seen both Barack Obama at a Penn State rally and Bill Clinton.

The First Lady is a very thoughtful, intelligent speaker. People tend to forget that both she and her husband come from humble backgrounds. Barack was raised by a single mother and his grandparents (I was raised by my mom and grandmom). I know she probably repeats this speech a lot, but it was interesting to the 1,800 people there.  We all had to go pick up the tickets to be able to go in.

The school band

The people on the bleachers

Send some good vibes as the hubby got a phone call yesterday while we were out for a job interview!

Sprucing up the place


I noticed some of my now old blog header wasn’t showing up, so I decided a new look was in order. I haven’t moved all the widgets in place yet, but I liked the cleaned up look and wild design at the top. The one I really liked was about $60, no thank you! Update-for Zoey, this was a free design.

Not too much happening. I went to see my mom and we went out a bit on Wednesday. Today we went to a new grocery store (actually we have the same one right up the road and this is about 4 miles away). Brian was applying for a job there and Sean filled out the application there yesterday.

I did grab a few outdoor ‘close-ups’. I can’t show you the gardens until I pull out some weeds. I can’t do that in this weather.

Brian was watering a window box and found this little one:

There’s like a little bird’s nest ‘hut’ in there and I saw two of these-nut hatches maybe? They got a little wet.

I have to make something out of these…thinking Chili and salsa:

These petunias are gorgeous on my back patio-they smell nice too. All for $1.00.

Zoey was right, the Persian Shield came back. Sorry for the blurry shot, it was starting to get dark.

I can’t wait to see the white Moonflowers, but I am enjoying the heart-shaped leaves!

Narrowing it down…


So we are heading up to 50 cache finds soon! I’m thinking it would be nice to go look for a few larger ones so I can add some swag to them. Lately it’s been all micros. If you told me that a few months ago, I’d laugh. I surely could have found these with hints online, but it was indeed a learning process which, when the first one was found, it sure was a surprise and made us smile! In fact, my statistics show that we have mostly found micros. But these kind ‘get old’ and are called ‘micro spew’ as they are so common. Most are in shopping centers…there’s your hint!

I was sad to see this one open with it and with the log and things floating in water in the inside of a tree. This was an old cemetery down the road from my mom’s house.

This is considered a micro as it pill bottle size…but they can be smaller, a ‘nano’ and Brian has found two of those!

Brian and I took my mom to the eye doctor. She gets medication by injection in one or the other and yesterday it was her good eye. We dropped her off as it’s a 2+ hours appointment. That’s when we go look for caches, but I did look around the mall too.  After mom’s appointment, we took her to Texas Roadhouse as they have a nice ‘early bird’ special Mondays to Thursday. Their select menu is $7.99 and there is a 6 oz sirloin steak on that menu! That’s what we usually want anyway.

We take mom home (the restaurant is almost halfway to our home) and are almost to the same area when she phoned and said her purse with her medication was in the car-and indeed it was! So we had to turn around again…but looked for a few caches in a nearby shopping center first. The first was easy, but the second one called ‘Bah humbug’ as it was placed around Christmastime of last year was a ‘DNF’ (did not find) by many people. I looked at the hints and thought we’d give it a try. First you find a long metal fence and have to narrow down on that. We looked and looked-nothing. I did email the Cache owner for a hint and he said ‘fishing’-so I’m thinking the cache is hanging off a fishing line down the wall-the wall drops at least 100 feet behind the fence!  I saw a string with nothing on the end, so I’m thinking that was a decoy string-lol. We’ll have to check it out some other time.

Brian has a phone interview in a few hours. I haven’t heard back from the school. Sean signed up for a volunteer internship for a few weeks. Something for the resume and of course it’s a learning experience too!

Mom and Me at the arboretum

Mom and Me at the arboretum, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The fellas and I took my mom back to the Scott Arboretum on the beautiful campus of Swarthmore College. It was really a sight to seen as it was breathtakingly beautiful. The roses smelled delightful too. I have some of my own roses, but I find them difficult to take care of and grow. I tend not to trim them at the right time. Then they get black spot, etc.
As you can see it was a sunny day in the middle 70s, though not humid at all. I will add more photos soon.
The students all get a rose pinned to them when they graduate.

~By the way, I had a sore elbow, so I had a band on it and forgot to take it off at the arboretum.

Amazing Arboretum


Brian, mom and me went a few town over from her house to the Scott Arboretum which in on the campus of Swarthmore College. We’ve never been! The photos on the arboretum’s facebook wall enticed us to go and ‘free’ is good too. Well worth the little trip for us. There were dozens of lilacs, cherry trees and peonies blooming ‘three weeks early’ (as the lady in the main office told us). I will add more tomorrow as my tummy is a bit off tonight. I did a lot of walking a few days ago and I believe I’ve had a bug or something and shouldn’t ignore it and now my system is off. Ginger ale and gum sure helped.

Mom and me among the wood hyacinths

Mom took this one

Some of the most gorgeous peonies I’ve ever seen!

Happy Easter 2012


We’re about to go out to dinner, but I  have Brian take my photo in my outfit and since my hair looked good! That’s a Viburnum bush in full bloom.

Sean got a few goodies from Trader Joe’s which he liked.

I hope you are having a lovely spring day!

Candid shots at dinner

(Buttonwood Grill, Lahaska, PA)

Mom and Sean at the restaurant

I forgot my Canon, so I had to use the phone camera. Mom and I had practically the same things to eat-Asparagus soup with feta cheese, a slice of ham and prime rib, mashed potatoes, grilled cold asparagus, fruit, a taste of a few more sides, cheesecake and mini chocolate covered cream puffs. Very good for under $30 each. This was a buffet, so we could east as much as we wanted.

I am like a food ‘coach’. First I say not to order a beverage, just go for water! Sean wanted soda and mom wanted ice tea have you noticed that beverages are $2-3 a glass now-wow, they are making a lot of money on them!) I tell the guys that most salad and pasta dishes are the cheapest things that you can order. While I was getting the Asparagus soup for mom and me, didn’t they both load up on a big wedge of iceberg lettuce (it had some fancy drizzle on it) and pasta! They did have salmon and pork tenderloin, that I didn’t sample. Brian said the salmon was yummy.

It was a little hike, about 63 miles one way, but we enjoyed the scenery up in Bucks County. Next month they are having a Strawberry Festival, so we can look in a few stores (of course most were closed).  Glad to include my mom.

Flower Girl ATCs


Flower Girt ATCs

I’ve been enjoying making ATCs for as many of my Flickr art groups are no longer trading. I am doing a flower series, though I missed a few at the beginning of the swap. I just sent off ‘Iris’-2 different ones to 2 different people. The next one is Daffodils.
So I was thinking how girls have flower names and thought an ATC series was in order. I can think of a few more and will make them too. I have to make Iris again, since she was traded. I think they look cute. I realize I used ‘was’ instead of ‘is’ as these are ephemera and I’m looking as them as in the past.
I’m taking an antibiotic for the root canal I had on Friday. I had a bit of a sore throat yesterday morning, but am sneezing and blowing my nose a lot, so thinking the allergies are acting up. I wish we would get some good rain to clean up the air! I see where a sore throat may be from the antibiotic too.
I took my mom to the eye doctor on Tuesday as she was getting the shot in her good left eye and she said it took until the next day to clear up. We went to a diner and I had the best turkey BLT salad. I’m doing the MyFitnessPal again as I’m not happy with my weight and how I look and feel. Too much sugar! I hope to get walking more. I signed up at Walgreen’s to monitor my walking. It’s something I enjoy doing on a regular basis. Also took mom to Trader Joe’s. Love getting their goodies.