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Let’s hope these fixes hold


I was at the dentist yet again. The new temp duo was fixed by the dentist’s assistant (got a chip in it last night) and I asked her to check my upper crown too. She called the dentist in and he filled it like a cavity. He said no more crowns for that one, that he’d continue to fix it until I eventually need an implant. I had a bit of a rant in an email to him last night…some of my words…’financial burden’….’my anxiety level keeps raising’… I guess he got the picture. I came home and ate popcorn. Hopefully all will stay good for a few more weeks until the crowns are ready. The receptionist tried to milk more moola out of me, ‘for my balance’. I said in two weeks. It was rough waiting until 5 to go. I ate dinner at 4-shrimp fried rice and apple chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s.

All was well with my mom. I should have started off with that. Being a lady’s matter I’m sure she wouldn’t want me to come right out and say what was the matter. I’ll say one word, (so go look it up) ‘prolapsed’. She’s good for another year and is getting a mammogram soon. She had us worried, but she’s like her mom and bounces back.  The weather was strange yesterday-rainy, a bit warm and foggy-perfect for ducks.

I’ve been working on projects, including one for a Flickr group. They all need finishing touches and I will share soon. Doing these helped get my mind off my teeth and annoying postnasal drip. The later seems to get stirred up every few weeks.

I got declined from the online writing job. I guess they thought either my blog stunk or I didn’t have enough writing experience. I took a look at one of their writers when I was checking out their site and she was just alright, nothing flashy about her writing. Brian just reminded me that I took a correspondence course in the 90s and did have samples of my actual ‘typed’ writing. I got a diploma for ‘Writing for Children’s Magazines’. Maybe I should see if that is still in demand.  So the search goes on.  BTW, this is post 3, 293- So there….

2011 in retrospect


I’ve been a bit busy with work on New Year’s day (12-6, very boring) and running around to after Christmas sales with Brian on Monday. He goes back to work today. I was thinking though 2011 didn’t start out that great, we still got the nice 2005 Mariner at the end of January:

It was my vehicle for a few months until we spotted this one on the internet in July:

Yikes….it’s not a Ford/Mercury (my family loves Fords) and now we have two car payments a month for the next several years. I do love my little Ina who just turned 10. I’ve only seen two other gold PT Cruisers since July. She’s a rare one in these parts.

We decided we needed to take a few trips, not a week…but usually one or two nights.

First we went to Baltimore, MD and loved it there!

Neat shot against mirrors of Sean

Baltimore’s World Trade Center
Baltimore Aquarium in background
And we took the ‘side trip’ from Baltimore to Fort McHenry where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write our national anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.
Brian-watch out!
(Opps-that’s my funny shot)
Sean and Dianne with harbor in background

We got to see Chincoteague Island and really loved the place too!

Dianne on Chincoteague beach

Chincoteague wild horses zoom

Because we had the Mariner, we got to travel more than we had in previous years.

Sean and I saw the taping of a local Philly talk show and one of the guests was ace Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee!

Us in the audience!

We went to the tribute band event ‘Beatlemania’ down in National Harbor, MD

Heading for concerts
Dianne posing at the Gaylord fountain

We took a little time to see Alexandria, VA. and liked it there as well.
Flag draped city hall

At the end of September, we finally got to go to a mini reunion for my high school class in Ocean City, NJ! It was fun and we enjoyed seeing the town of OC and Cape May, NJ also. My mom was along for that trip.

Some of the gang from the class of 77
My mom Jeanne in front of the Virginia Hotel

Brian took me up to York, PA again in October so I could attend the rubber stamp and scrapbooking show and we looked around the town a bit, not as much as I would have liked. But we went over to Mount Joy so we could eat at Bubbe’s Pub.

Brian at Bube's Brewery

I got to see my little pal Nick and his mom Jenn on his second birthday when we spent the day at Longwood Gardens:

Playing with Pumpkins
And oh Longwood…I really went there so many more times than I have in the past and hope to do so this year too!

And the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in November up in Oaks, PA was fun too-never been to that either. I found some nice gifts for people there.

So, it was a good year that we got to go places and see new things. We got to spend time with old and new friends and our family. I always like spending time with Brian and Sean, but this group-my ‘almost’ children (and mom too). : )

I want to get back on the weight loss track, one reason I posted photos of me at different angles. I plan to keep walking in the lovely local park and Longwood too!

And I can’t forget about getting the job. I’m wondering if I’ll still be there next week, only time will tell! If not, I’ll be taking a break for a month or so to get the house in shape and do some art.

Sir Paul…it will be an honor!


The other night Brian was listening to CDs. That always helps to lighten his mood and he acts like his old self as he is relaxing and not worrying about anything. 9 out of 10 times he’ll put on some ‘Wings’ for me which he did that night. I then remembered that Sir Paul will be in Philly sometime in the future. I went online and it’s the 14th of this month. I asked if we could go and Brian said ‘YES’! Woo hoo! The good tickets are all gone, and we really couldn’t afford them anyway. The ones I got are extreme stage right, but not really high up. And if there are big screens, that will be neat too. And who is to say we won’t take a little walk to see him closer? I was just at the venue with my friend to see James Taylor and Carole King. The worse part will be the parking, but there is no Phillies game that night, so it should be better than the last time I was there.
Brian’s gone to most concerts over the years to see performers I like. The last time he went to one he really ‘got into’ was Hall & Oates in the early 80s (I love H&O too). I’m going to bring my camera in my purse again.
Talk about crossing something off your bucket list. Can’t wait! I had a hard time getting to sleep last night.
PS-My older brother Dave is a huge Beatles fan and has the same bass Paul is holding above.

Memoirs of a great evening with two legends


A collage of the memorabilia I saved from the Troubadour concert I went to a few weeks ago with my friend Lorin. The program, the ticket and the excellent review from the Philly Inquirer.
Having a rough week here. Brian is over at his dad’s spending the night. I had to get mad at him to make him see that an 87 yr old who just got out of the hospital needs someone there the first night (after 5 days). Bri’s dad was ‘diagnosed’ with Crohn’s Disease, yet given no special diet to follow. He is weak on his feet and could hardly get up the stairs. What’s going to happen tomorrow night and the next night? This may be a wake up call for both of them.
Here’s Sean and his Pop-pop last July…
Sean and Pop pop C.
I’m also depressed as the procedure I had seems not to have worked. They say after 3 months you should know and although I seemed to have skipped a month, I am almost like I was three months ago. I had the worst headache most of the day to go along with it. Bummer. I’m taking it one month at a time now.

Show and Tell


My hometown had a giant yard sale last weekend and we went down on Sunday. We drove around looking for houses that had a lot for sale and stopped at a house that Brian and I had been in over 20 years ago when it was for sale. It needed tons of work back then, so we passed. I did mention to the people there that we had been in it and the lady said her brother-in-law (standing there) had fixed it up and was still working on it. He was a young guy, so I’m thinking someone had bought it after we had looked at it and then they bought it. The house didn’t look that different on the outside, so I hope the inside was nice. It had been crammed with stuff way back then.
Anyway, they had some neat things, some of which were tied up in a bag for a few dollars. I wanted the little red plastic person with the jointed body, but the other things are pretty neat too-like the ‘3D’ glasses with both lens that are the same color of fuchsia, the little mirrors (one with a real mirror) and the other cute things-I’d say from the 60s at least.
Bag of goodies!

I’m still deciding on the cross stitch meeting. Part of me wants to go and meet Rachel and part of me says-well, do you really want to stitch in front of other people? I’ve only stitched in front of my family and the tv. It’s in a converted barn. And who is to say that they all will be stitching all that time. I know when women get together it’s mostly talk. I should go this one time and decide from that. I know, just go will you!

25th Anniversary bouquet


25th Anniversary bouquet, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Happy Silver Anniversary to my husband Brian. I can’t believe a quarter of a century has past in our lives together.
I hope he enjoys the spontaneous gift I ordered-tickets to see singer Boz Scaggs at Longwood Gardens in June!
I love his music and voice, so it’s a gift for both of us. I wore out his lp ‘Silk Degrees’. I also have another musical gift he is sure to enjoy.

Tonight we are going to the Chinese restaurant-PF Changs. I got to chose and their menu sounded good. Haven’t had good Chinese for a while and we put aside a crisp big bill for the occasion. I’ll let you know how it is. I hope I remember to put the camera in my purse.
Sean went back to finish up his last 3+ weeks at Penn State. He’ll come home for a week and then we’ll all drive up together for the graduation. We may rent a nice new vehicle. We promised Sean a snazzy phone for his graduation.
Bri went to the doc for his insomnia and is test driving some med. So far he hasn’t gotten up! I hope it doesn’t leave him too tired, but if he’s getting shut eye for a change-it may be worth it. He’ll just have to take up the sit-up chair again to get in some exercise and increase his alertness. Wish him well.

Another reunion?


Dianne and Kim, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I recently got an email from Scott, our reunion guy who said if any of us ’77ers wanted to meet up in my hometown they had some tables for us. We stopped to see my mom (and brought her dinner) and then headed up to the little restaurant. I think about 20 people showed up! I haven’t seen the lady here (Kim) for 31 yrs. It was nice seeing the old gang. So sweet to see the ladies who are BFF still hanging out.