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Memoirs of a great evening with two legends


A collage of the memorabilia I saved from the Troubadour concert I went to a few weeks ago with my friend Lorin. The program, the ticket and the excellent review from the Philly Inquirer.
Having a rough week here. Brian is over at his dad’s spending the night. I had to get mad at him to make him see that an 87 yr old who just got out of the hospital needs someone there the first night (after 5 days). Bri’s dad was ‘diagnosed’ with Crohn’s Disease, yet given no special diet to follow. He is weak on his feet and could hardly get up the stairs. What’s going to happen tomorrow night and the next night? This may be a wake up call for both of them.
Here’s Sean and his Pop-pop last July…
Sean and Pop pop C.
I’m also depressed as the procedure I had seems not to have worked. They say after 3 months you should know and although I seemed to have skipped a month, I am almost like I was three months ago. I had the worst headache most of the day to go along with it. Bummer. I’m taking it one month at a time now.

Show and Tell


My hometown had a giant yard sale last weekend and we went down on Sunday. We drove around looking for houses that had a lot for sale and stopped at a house that Brian and I had been in over 20 years ago when it was for sale. It needed tons of work back then, so we passed. I did mention to the people there that we had been in it and the lady said her brother-in-law (standing there) had fixed it up and was still working on it. He was a young guy, so I’m thinking someone had bought it after we had looked at it and then they bought it. The house didn’t look that different on the outside, so I hope the inside was nice. It had been crammed with stuff way back then.
Anyway, they had some neat things, some of which were tied up in a bag for a few dollars. I wanted the little red plastic person with the jointed body, but the other things are pretty neat too-like the ‘3D’ glasses with both lens that are the same color of fuchsia, the little mirrors (one with a real mirror) and the other cute things-I’d say from the 60s at least.
Bag of goodies!

I’m still deciding on the cross stitch meeting. Part of me wants to go and meet Rachel and part of me says-well, do you really want to stitch in front of other people? I’ve only stitched in front of my family and the tv. It’s in a converted barn. And who is to say that they all will be stitching all that time. I know when women get together it’s mostly talk. I should go this one time and decide from that. I know, just go will you!

25th Anniversary bouquet


25th Anniversary bouquet, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Happy Silver Anniversary to my husband Brian. I can’t believe a quarter of a century has past in our lives together.
I hope he enjoys the spontaneous gift I ordered-tickets to see singer Boz Scaggs at Longwood Gardens in June!
I love his music and voice, so it’s a gift for both of us. I wore out his lp ‘Silk Degrees’. I also have another musical gift he is sure to enjoy.

Tonight we are going to the Chinese restaurant-PF Changs. I got to chose and their menu sounded good. Haven’t had good Chinese for a while and we put aside a crisp big bill for the occasion. I’ll let you know how it is. I hope I remember to put the camera in my purse.
Sean went back to finish up his last 3+ weeks at Penn State. He’ll come home for a week and then we’ll all drive up together for the graduation. We may rent a nice new vehicle. We promised Sean a snazzy phone for his graduation.
Bri went to the doc for his insomnia and is test driving some med. So far he hasn’t gotten up! I hope it doesn’t leave him too tired, but if he’s getting shut eye for a change-it may be worth it. He’ll just have to take up the sit-up chair again to get in some exercise and increase his alertness. Wish him well.

Another reunion?


Dianne and Kim, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I recently got an email from Scott, our reunion guy who said if any of us ’77ers wanted to meet up in my hometown they had some tables for us. We stopped to see my mom (and brought her dinner) and then headed up to the little restaurant. I think about 20 people showed up! I haven’t seen the lady here (Kim) for 31 yrs. It was nice seeing the old gang. So sweet to see the ladies who are BFF still hanging out.

Just a wee bit lucky


On Wednesdays and Saturdays, we buy Powerball tickets, actually Brian does. We only spent about $3 each time and buying them in a way is suppose to help senior citizens. So Saturday night, we actually got the powerball-twice-little bells didn’t go off, but that’s $3! Yippie do dah! And we got one number in the line with the powerball-so that’s $4! Holy moley, what’s next? This got me thinking about if we actually won a large sum of money, would we spread the wealth around? I wonder if my siblings would give us any? I think it depends on how much it was-if it was millions and millions, then yes. : )

I’ve won a few things in my life-the neatest was $1k worth of gift certificates to the stores up in the next town. All you had to do was put your name in a number of businesses and I believe I was second place. I may have mentioned this in my blog a few years back. The lady who won  first may have gotten $1,500. We had our photo in the paper too! That was when Sean was an itty bitty guy. I think that’s the year I had gallbladder surgery when Sean was 9 months, so it was good to have something nice happen. The town never did that giveaway again. I’ve also won a cassette player for my car at my senior fair (back in 1976 or 1977) that got stolen soon after I got it. I’ve won a few online things like a Country Living hardback book and some blogger giveaways. Winning is fun!!

What would you do if you won a large sum of money? Would you help your family, keep it or give it away? ; )

I made some ATCs and a Skinny card yesterday to get my mind off Sean’s long trip back to school. Here’s one that made me crack up:

I had that Wicked Witch cut out and didn’t know how to use her. I figure love and flowers would make her melt. The fortune cookie verse said it all. I was in a Wizard of Oz swap, but have yet to get my goodie. My partner has/had to deal with the hurricane, so I understand.

Show & Tell #8


This is my Barbie case from 1968 or so (I may have gotten it between 1968-1970)

Here are the ‘girls’ and guy(!) that were inside: one Barbie, three Francies, 2 Stacies and one Skipper. I believe Skipper was one of that last Mattel dolls I got. GI Joe is missing his hands. Not sure why he is in there, maybe my younger brother put him in there.

And here are some of the clothes. I thought I had more than this, but maybe they weren’t put away and got tossed. Remember, all these things are probably at least 40 years old!

I plan to clean them up a bit before I put them away today. I’ll pretend I’m 9 again. I need to think this way sometimes, don’t you?


So I am a bit bummed as one of my favorite places to go online looks like it dissolved today. no longer has a web address. One of my friends there joined Facebook to find me. I have meet some awesome people there, some I know are friends for life. My good friends also have Flickr and Facebook accounts.


And to save the best for last….look what Lee for Lake Stitcher sent me in the mail yesterday, a day I needed a bit of sunshine:

It’s a covered Altoid’s tin filled with chamomile tea because she knows my tummy acts up once in a while. I so appreciate the thoughtfulness from a fellow Pennsylvanian. She told me to keep my chin up in this interesting time of our life when parents and hormonal changes can bring you down. Thanks again Lee!

Have a great weekend!

Mom got a phone call


Last night, my estranged brother called up my mom! He hadn’t talked to her since November of ’06. Said he wants to come back to PA to live. His family is up here and he’s alone and getting older. I know it had to do with what happened over the last day and I guess it got him thinking. He said he wants to sit and talk to me face to face-oh joy. He’s the one who basically only listens to his own opinions. This should be an interesting year ahead.

I’m not sure if my father turned Catholic. I found the info that my cousin’s friend must have saw-that he is having a memorial mass in his name, which isn’t the same as the religious mass. Maybe a priest or someone felt bad for him. It feels weird and all, but I lost him a long time ago, especially when he decided to be physically abusive to me and my family. I don’t share this with everyone, but when I was little, around 2-4, I slept on a cot at the top of the stairs in our first home. I would sneak in my grandmom’s room and snuggle with her until my father pulled me out of my safe haven and tossed me on the cot again, under the light that was on all night. I didn’t have a real bed until I was about 5 or 6. He also took my beloved pacifier and threw it down that same hallway and I never cared for him after that. I absolutely loved my grandmom’s brother-in-law, Uncle Al and he had to hold me all the time. When my father tried to hold me, I’d cry. My father did buy me a Barbie I begged for and got me a pink and green dress with a matching shoulder bag one time. That’s all the nice I remember. When my parents divorced in 1972, we all went to court and he wouldn’t even look at us. I can remember what I was wearing- a white knit top with the outline of a sequin star on the front.  That’s the last time I saw him except for a photo he sent my older brother about 1985.

Once he took off with my little brother in the car for hours and my mom and grandmom started to get worried. I don’t think Ken was more than 2. He did bring him back, of course.

He loved Oregon so much and missed it. My mom lived out west in San Francisco for a year but she missed PA and was about to have my older brother, so they came back.

My father’s relatives are really nice people. I have some interesting family history through them too-my great grandfather was one of the first forest rangers and my gr-grandmom wrote a book about her life called ‘Honeymoon on Horseback’. I have a copy! And there’s a park and maybe a stream (or water source) named after my great gf. 

My cousin compiled that great book on our family and sent me a copy a few years ago. I didn’t know that my paternal family arrived through Maine until I received that book!

So although I had a black sheep for a father, the people around him (though not my paternal grandfather) were always nice to us, especially my cousin and her mother and sister-who I met with her husband when I was little.


I was going to do the Photo Hunt, but I didn’t get around to taking my wooden photo item yet.


I’m so proud of Sean! He donated blood to help kids with cancer. He never did this before and felt a little woozy, but he’s pretty psyched too. He got a free t-shirt out of it too!


I got the jewelry shown below-love the necklace! The  earrings are much bigger than pictured and too big for me. If anyone wants them, they are about 2″ long and still in their packaging. They are suppose to be red, but are more brown.

The Bucket List


Since two of my pals Pea and Zoey did this, I thought I’d play along. Anyone else who wants to do theirs, go ahead!

There are no rules except to give your list of five things you want to do before you die, based on the movie “The Bucket List“.

  1. I’d like to see my only child happy in his life with a good job, wife and children, preferably 3 granddaughters, but I’ll take what I get. : )
  2. See more of the USA, especially the west coast where my paternal family lives in Oregon. Funny, but I feel a need to see it!
  3. Have a genuine crafting area where I can craft to my heart’s content! Maybe design a big selling item.
  4. Volunteer more as an older adult. I use to do this at Sean’s elementary school and church, but fell out of it.
  5. Meet my online friends, though I’ve met 3, but there are so many more I’d like to meet. ; )

Our internet has been acting flukey, and I had to call Comcast for a ping or whatever they call it. I was in the middle of writing the above meme and off it went. The tech said it sounded like a local problem, not our system.

Woke up about 5 am with a terrible sore left thumb/wrist area. I used Icy Hot (that stuff is worth it’s weight in gold) and it helped. I did wrap it up a little while ago. I couldn’t find the wrist bandage, but one for every other joint! I think I lifted something heavy in a funny way as my scar was hurting too. I bet it was my purse!

Whoopi Goldberg wants to lose weight. Even though she weighs less than me, we have almost the same measurements, though my chest is 2 inches bigger, but hey girl, I believe in support garments! The guy that is helping her believes in resistant training over aerobics and of course he was showing those band things you put around your foot and pull with your hand, something I can’t do right now! I plan to go for a little walk soon.

Tuesday Wild Goose Chase


I’m seriously thinking about finding a new doctor now. Bri and I went to get our triglycerides and cholesterol checked this morning (fasted). The lab at the doctor’s office wouldn’t do our bloodwork because our insurance (new this past January) wouldn’t let them draw the blood. That being said, we have to make a doctor’s appt for both of us just to get the script to take to the other lab! The weird thing is that both of the main doctors were walking around while the lady was giving us grief and I knew they heard what was going on. They could have said, oh here’s the script for the lab since we both were there at that very minute, but no, (we’ve been going there at least 20 years). They want their piece of the pie. Bummer.
So I tossed and turned all night. I’m going to research local doctors and not make appts right away. I did start on the refined fish oil that a friend had suggested, so maybe I’ll wait to see if that helps my triglycerides like it helped lower Brian’s. Plus the sweet little physician’s assistant left who I would see all the time. She was good too. She had her second child in April and she either left to be a full-time mommy or got another job. One time she went through my entire file and rearranged it.

Not sure what I’ll do today. There’s a new ‘fresh foods’ type of Trader’s Joe about 10 minutes away. I may go there. We are getting a blast of hot weather for a few days. My mom wanted to do something, maybe tomorrow, but it better be in an air conditioned place.

I did about 9 laps around the house for exercise-it’s something! Unfortunately it made my legs achy during the night. I used Icy Hot but couldn’t take Tylenol because of the fasting.

Cosmo the cat’s ears are much better. The drops are a pain to put in, but his little kitty ears looks squeaky clean. So maybe he did have a yeast problem.

Here’s to a better rest of the day!

So this is it…


…Sean’s last day here until Thanksgiving! Wow! I remember when he was looking into dorms back in February and August seemed so far away. Sean got to see his grandmom, uncle, aunt and cousins yesterday. My mom got all weepy when we left which lead me to get weepy in the van. I usually have to be provoked into tears. I want to be cool up at the dorm when the actual separation occurs. Give we strength! Sean’s car is already almost jammed packed. He has a few more things to put in there and he needs to leave room for me. Bri will be following us on the 3+ hour trip. We’ll stay a night in a hotel about 12 miles further away and his move in is 12-8 on Saturday and Bri and I turn around to come home.

This had to be the week when the sun never came out and my sinuses have been awful. I’ve had congestion and post nasal drip. I can’t sneeze I’m so stuffed up! I did a Google search ‘how to sneeze’ and people had tips, even a little English boy on who stuck a rolled up piece of tissue up his nose-I think so high it made him cough and then sneeze. I came close last night, but I just can’t sneeze. Today I’ll have to take Claritin or Sudafed which I try to hold off doing as long as possible. ~Update-as I proofread this post, I finally sneezed after 3 days! Yippee!!

Here’s a video about my hometown (my high school pal sent me the link) as a company entered them in a contest sponsored by Ikea which they are currently in 2nd place-they won’t announce the winner for a few weeks. You can see the old Media High School where I went one year to junior high and that my niece and nephew attend/attended as an elementary school. You’ll also see Media Theatre where we use to attend $1 movies.

I received some prints from my friend Karin’s wedding that I personally got to chose. I never had anyone offer to do that with their wedding photos, but she and Michael bought the proofs and set them up online at Kodak-a great idea. I bought a special album for them last night at JoAnn’s (plus a few other goodies). Keep Michael in your thoughts as he needs to get an injection in his back from pain that wakes him up several times a night.

My friend Terri had good news that her mom was still in remission after a bout with cancer and then her mom’s sister passed on a few days ago from a heart attack. The thing that bothered me is that the poor woman went to the ER for terrible indigestion, a red flag for women as it is sometimes means heart problems.

My other friend Joy lost her 51 yr old male cousin from a heart attack too. He had a special title, I’ll have to look up the email again, but he was working to preserve waterways if I remember correctly. The cousins set up a nice slideshow in memory of him on Flickr.

If I don’t post again, I’ll see you in a few days. I also have to tidy up as the parish priest is coming on Monday.

By the way, added some new videos and yes I know, two are James Taylor singing ‘Only a Dream in Rio’ one of my favorite JT songs.