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Who Do You Think You Are?-non celeb edition


I hope you are catching this series (Who Do You Think  You Are?) as it is now on the TLC cable channel. Last night featured singer/actress Zooey Deschanel who has local roots near where I live now! First she went to the Philadelphia public library, then Swarthmore, PA and finally Christiana, PA where she found out her great grandmom (times 4) was an abolitionist for the underground railroad around the time of the Civil War! Christiana is about 16 or so miles from here.

And get this, we have been to the Sadsbury Friends Meetinghouse cemetery where Zooey’s relative (or relatives) are buried.


We went there as a geocache was there (back in February)! I have one placed myself around the corner near a supermarket. I thought that was pretty neat. Zooey was far right to where this photo was taken. I think they had her walk from the back there to the front. That one part of the building wasn’t too attractive.

So I decided to look up some family stuff, but my paternal side, the Knowles family. My gr-grandfather was one of the first forest rangers in Oregon. His wife, Margie wrote a book called ‘Honeymoon on Horseback’ about their early marriage and his work as a forest ranger and how they lived in a primitive way out of a tent, etc. I have a copy of the book. Sean, my son has read it too.

So I found on my search where the campground named after Archie was closed down. Then I ran across a youtube video and the man took us on a tour of the area.

This man is into geocaching too! My mouth fell open when I started to watch this video as he nabbed a geocache there.

But this is a bittersweet video for me also. I never met most of the Knowles family as I grew up in Pennsylvania and my 3 brothers and me didn’t go out to Oregon. I correspond with my cousin Ann and I’ve met her sister Shirley and her husband Dwayne when I was a little girl. Ann and Shirley’s mom, Dessa was very nice to me and wrote to me when she was alive. She is the daughter of Archie and Margie. My parents were separated and then divorced and my father lived his days out in his home state. His ashes were scattered in the Knowles creek in 2008.

If you watched the video, you can see where this campground was probably closed down for good this year. I appreciate Kenny (I have a brother and nephew Ken/Kenny also!) for showing me this place. I hope to see it someday, but we’ll see if I am able to get to the west coast.

Back cover of Honeymoon on HorsebackThe back cover of ‘Honeymoon on Horseback’, great grandfather Archie and

Back cover of Honeymoon on Horseback

Margie, his wife and author.

Again, the internet truly amazes me!

Second Chocolate town of Pennsylvania


Summer, please make up your mind!


It’s one of those weird, weird summers. First we had rain, rain and more rain! (Gee, all these multiples means I am making a point maybe?) So now it’s been the heat which has dried up the mucky yard, but the veggies have suffered. Weeds are everywhere!

A bright spot in my yard with 3 locations of these beauties:
Love the beauty and scent of the Starglazer lilies.
Dream on...

Star Gazer lilies look like they may be difficult to grown. I have two pots with the bulbs in them and they sit outside all winter. Actually one pot is about 6 years old and the other is new-both Star Gazers that look a bit different.  The first photo are ones in the ground. Their aroma really defines July to me (other than the smell of firecrackers!).

We were down at a park in Maryland yesterday. We had wanted to go to Ocean City, NJ, but didn’t get up soon enough. Elk Creek State Park will be my next post. And it will be an interesting one, I promise!

Now I will share some beautiful old buildings with you from near where we live. I am pretty happy with my Samsung cellphone’s photos. We have had their tv for a number of years and love it. The only thing that the phone does is to start to flip between screens if I overdo it with the photos. I am sure I’ve taken at least 300 photos since March.

Little Blue Church, Springfield, PAThis is The Blue Church (1832) in Springfield PA.

This building, which is now the oldest standing church building in Springfield, came to be known as “The Blue Church” because Lownes had constructed it of blue Pennsylvania limestone, which turned a shade of blue in wet weather.

This is in an area where there are shopping centers on both sides of the road, so a busy very modernized area here. I know a FB pal’s pal got married here.

Walden School, formerly Sandy Bank school-went here for K,2 and 3rd . Upper Providence, Pa.

This is Walden School in Upper Providence township, PA. It was called Sandy Bank school (1836) for many years. I went here for kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade. Kindergarten was in the basement. When our day was over, it turned into the lunch room.  I have many memories of using the red tablets that stained our teeth so we saw where we were missing in the brushing department. Also loved the seesaw and playground. Being able to draw Snoopy in 3rd  grade and having the other kids want me to draw for them. Listening to the teacher read Pippy Longstockings. Kids making fun of my speech impediment.  Having the teacher yell at me for sucking my hair (ugh). The coat closet, a room in itself and struggling with boots-the kind you had to pull up over your shoes. Awful.

St. Mary 's Chapel  where Brian was baptized.

St. Mary’s Chapel (1873), Exton, PA

This happen to be the little church my husband Brian was baptized in. His parents said he cried a lot as baby and having him in church didn’t make a difference. We were in the area for my MRI (I have another post about my back to do) and we stopped by a few places and this was one of them. This little chapel not only had a geocache behind it, it had an Entenmann’s outlet store next to it!

This is also off a very busy road near a mall.

Across the street:

The “King’s Highway” was originally laid out in 1690, as an east-west thoroughfare enabling people and goods to move from the Philadelphia area to Lancaster. In 1791 it became a toll road, known as “The Lancaster Turnpike.” Along this busy thoroughfare, James Bowen erected an elegant tavern known as “The Ship Inn”. Across the street from the Inn stood a fine, gray stone livery stable first built in 1793, where those lodging at the Ship Inn would house their horses.

The Ship inIn, said to be haunted...

This is said to be haunted!

And last but not least, The Kennett Inn, a few miles from where we live:
Kennett Inn, Kennett Square, Pa

The Kennett Inn, originally founded in 1835 was renovated in 1927 as “The Green Gate Tea Room “during the era of prohibition, then in 1976 the Inn was restored with great care to present a formal dining room and colonial tavern with hard wood floors, cherry tables which preserves its history with a friendly small town hospitality.

Got to love Souvenirs!


A few days ago, offered a ‘get outdoors and geocache’ souvenir if you found a cache on July 13th.  It is added to your souvenir page almost like a stamp collection!


Brian was at work and I was trying to find an interesting cache to look for. I found one located near Wooddale Bridge in nearby Delaware. It was big enough to add a travel bug or swag to. I wrote down the directions which were 3 turns. So of course the GPS on the phone went out (I need to use my GPS device and upload caches to it!) so we went by my handwritten directions. Thank goodness. Brian was getting a little perturbed as he thought the bridge was closer. Opps…maybe 7 miles away. So we found it-no other cars were around, so we could take our time (mostly me) looking. It wasn’t hard to find at all! Yes!


Isn’t that a nice bridge? It was constructed in 2008.

See that big hornet’s nest on the upper left?

Look at all the raging water from all our rain.


The cache wasn’t too difficult to spot as it wasn’t hidden well. I hid it a bit better. You never know who is going to come along.


I hadn’t signed it or added the little Eagle with the travel bug attached to it.

Driving back we stopped the Mount Cuba Center and drove up their long drive. We saw this gorgeous mansion at the top. It belonged to the DuPont Copland family!


This is just used for administration and an educational facility now!



We decided to go up to Kennett to check out a new cheese steak place. The night before, the place was packed! When we got there, a bike race was going on and the middle of town was portioned off.


See the racers whiz by!

We walked down to the new market place and there was indeed a cheese steak place, a crepe place and seafood area and a wine seller. We decided not to get a sandwich as we had a burger the night before. We ended up in a Mediterranean place and ordered a cheese tray (very skimpy and no crackers) and salads that had lots of greens, but little of anything else for the price. I always wanted to try it, so now I know the dinners ‘and’ salads are pricey. Nice waiter though.

Some shots from around quaint Kennett Square, PA



Brooklyn, it was nice to meet you!


We found our hotel in Brooklyn fairly easily, but the parking was limited behind the place. The receptionist said to park anywhere on the streets around it, so after a few times circling, we found a tight spot. Unfortunately there was a broken bottle we had to kick away from the rear of the car.

The room was really tiny with the double beds and bathroom within a foot or so of the one bed.


From the front desk’s recommendation, we walked over to 5th Ave. for dinner. It was a bit of a walk and I was getting fatigued and very warm. We were looking for a ‘diner’ place and did find it. We had the Nathan’s hot dog around 5 or so, but by 8:30, we all had breakfast food!  Can’t beat that and the price of dinner was good. We looked in store windows after we ate and saw some interesting things.



She was in the Gremlin movie-lol

We saw high rises galore Brooklynhlall around, here and there.

Personally, I need to be able to get out the door quickly, and when needed see green grass.

We wondered where Woody Allen and other famous Brooklyn natives lived too.

The next day we set out for the Brooklyn Museum. Sean read where there was a display or maybe separate building for the Dodgers. We got there and it wasn’t open until 11. We were on a time crush as Brian had to get to work in the late afternoon.


There were ‘jumping’ water fountains out front. Cool.

We started to look for a cache, but in the wrong park. We were looking in the park for the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Speaking of which, I’d love to go in there sometime too!


We then got in the correct park, called Prospect Park. It was looked like a tree hide, but we just couldn’t put our finger on it. (Sean and I were looking and he drove a bit that day).

We then started for home. Get this, Sean bought two NY lottery tickets and wanted to cash in his $3 winnings. We stopped in Staten Island and he got it and we got a cache in a little park there too! That was a little walking in weeds and loaded with skeeters, but Brian and I got it in about 10 minutes or so.


We stopped for a late lunch and it was raining quite a bit on the way home. Brian was about 1.5 hours late for work, but he stayed later too.

It was a pretty neat trip and we are glad to see other parts of New York.

Chadds Ford in 5 minutes


Chadds Ford Historical Society

Sun setting over Chadds Ford, PA, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

On the way back from my mom’s house, I asked Brian to turn down Creek road to where the Chadds Ford Historical society is located so I could get my Instagram shots for the day. I was really pleased with these shots of the beautiful landscape and building.

Sideview of Chadds Ford historic society.

The side of the Chadds Ford Historical  Society

The Chadds Ford Historic Society-Pennsylvania

There’s something about the sun raising and setting that adds a special ambiance to a photo.

Road to Chadds Ford historic society

We did a little caching on the 23rd near the state line in DE. First we went to Mill Creek Meeting house. What a quaint place. The GPS pointed to a group of trees, but the hint was ‘metal on metal’ and we found the bison tube near an old chain link fence.


This is the side facing the road.

The Quakers are a very peace loving group. Brian is a peace loving person too!


We then went down a side road where this place use to be.


There were quaint old homes back here that had been renovated. I’ll have to go down this road some other time to take more photos.

We found a cache in a guard rail- but near the end of it-a pink pencil box and another cache in a guard rail in a magnetic key box. Brian took this photo and I used an Instagram filter.


We get to see such pretty sites on these little excursions!

We’ve had heavy rain late in the afternoon for days. A few days ago we saw this:



Sean went for an interview up in the city of Lancaster yesterday the 27th. We tagged along hoping the big farmer’s market would be open, but it wasn’t. So we looked for a geocache around the corner. It was opposite a convenience store. We started to look for it and the shop guy poked his head out of the door and said ‘you’re cold’…as we were near a phone pole. He said he could see it from up where he was standing and I backed up a bit-there it was under a smelly trash can (the kind with wheels) ugh.

Sean was in with the guy at the LanCo Conservancy for over an hour. It’s only part time work through September. It’s also 45 miles one way from our house. Some things to consider. But maybe the guy knows somebody. It seems it is who you know these days.

I went to see an Orthopedist doctor today. I guess the young lady I was seeing before was an assistant. Seems she got the issue with my back wrong. I have lower left ligament issues. The doctor thinks that my fall last year even shifted my pelvis a bit. And the physical therapy that caused me pain was all wrong for my issue! Now don’t you think they would have figured that out the first time I went there? I am to get an MRI, but in the process of seeing if the insurance will pay for it.

We lost an old apple tree yesterday. Down it went in the direction of the yard, not the bank. We don’t get the previous owner’s reason for planting trees on a bank. You can’t pick the apples without a long tool. They weren’t so great and the deer and wildlife were enjoying them today.


The tree was behind her.

I thought I’d get a break from doctors and have two things to do the week of the 8th, 45 minutes in opposite directions, Monday and Friday. When it rains it pours-literally.

Figuring out the coordinates and getting the prize!


Daytrippin’ on Brian’s bd


Sunday was my hubby Brian’s birthday and we decided to go somewhere a few hours away. We headed just above the Reading area to one of Pennsylvania’s ‘nature wonders’ Crystal Cave, Roadside America and the West Reading area.

I happen to turn on my phone (it’s not working anymore….died today) and saw where a geocache was just hidden about 45 minutes earlier. We turned around and headed back to yet another ancient cemetery cache. Sean got out of the car with me and we headed to the far end of the white washed wall. Sean actually had to climb over the wall and there it was, it was nicely camouflaged with fake ivy! So neat to be the ‘first to find’ for the second time.


The GPS took us down a winding road, but we saw lots of scenery too.

After a quick lunch, we got to the Crystal Cave area. There were balls of snow along the roads which we haven’t really seen down this way all winter.

I had to climb a rather steep hill to the entrance of the cave. I’ve been having problems with hills and since using the bike, I can see a little improvement, but I still had to stop a few times. After the tour, I was surprised at actually how steep the hill was!

The cave was found by mistake in the 1871. Two farmers were blasting for limestone (valuable for enriching the soil) and found the cave!

KutztownReading13 004

The cave itself was pretty neat. Brian took some great photos. It’s thousands and thousands of years old!

KutztownReading13 009

KutztownReading13 027

KutztownReading13 028

The ‘ball room’….there were actually a few weddings in here-one they had 100 people squeezed in here! That’s the altar to the left.

KutztownReading13 013

See Abe Lincoln?

When all the lights go out at the end of the day, 100s of bats fly out of the cave to fly through the night! Eek!

At one point, the guide turned out the lights and it was black as pitch. I felt and retrieved Sean’s hand. : )

KutztownReading13 046

KutztownReading13 047

They got a few inches of snow here the next day. We actually got more. It’s all gone now.

Next post-Roadside America!

Exploring Philadelphia