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Happy Birthday Sean


Wow, Sean is 26 today! I can’t believe all those years have gone by. I scanned a few of my favorite photos and the years seem to melt away if just for a short while.

It’s nice to share special times with him. These are also of him and his Mom-mom Jeanne and Girlfriend Mary.

Love this shot from Virginia Beach this past summer.

I will him luck and happiness always.

Some more paper goodness


 I really do try and tidy up my collage stuff, and then creativity gets in the way. I start seeing  paper connections and before you know it, I have the scissors and glue out again! It really is good therapy for me lately anyway.

The background for this card was made from snippets of scraps as I was sorting.  I love that little girl and  in my mind’s eye, I can see her skipping around in her butterfly wings.

Another little flower girl for the series.

Sadly, this is the last challenge I made for a Flickr group called ‘Art n’ Soul’. We were to take a torso and decorate it. I made like a fairy dress influenced by the unusual photos of ferns I have. I used a real fern frond too! By the way, that’s light switch is my souvenir from the Van Gogh exhibit, now in the dining room.

We had a bit of a scare this morning. We live in a ranch house and don’t have phones in the bedrooms (we do again now-we put it in the kitchen 6 yrs ago and never had a problem). Didn’t Brian’s dad get a bad nosebleed at 2 am this morning and tried to call us for several hours from 3:30  am on! We didn’t hear it ringing. After the second call, his dad should have called 911. I had several very bad nosebleeds when I was little and was told to sit quietly. He kept leaning forward as he didn’t like the blood doing down his throat. Anyway,  the woman police officer finally woke us up out of our slumber at 6:30! Brian got his act together and headed to the hospital as his dad finally wised up and called 911 around 4:30 or so. The doctor may have chemically treated it (like they did me-not sure, but one of the worst pains I’ve ever had) and Brian took him home. Bri had to clean a few areas that got a little messy. I suggested he stay over a few nights a week, but he isn’t going for that, but should consider it until he gets a job. Since Sean is living here and is an adult, it may not be a bad idea. Old people living alone is not good.

2011 in retrospect


I’ve been a bit busy with work on New Year’s day (12-6, very boring) and running around to after Christmas sales with Brian on Monday. He goes back to work today. I was thinking though 2011 didn’t start out that great, we still got the nice 2005 Mariner at the end of January:

It was my vehicle for a few months until we spotted this one on the internet in July:

Yikes….it’s not a Ford/Mercury (my family loves Fords) and now we have two car payments a month for the next several years. I do love my little Ina who just turned 10. I’ve only seen two other gold PT Cruisers since July. She’s a rare one in these parts.

We decided we needed to take a few trips, not a week…but usually one or two nights.

First we went to Baltimore, MD and loved it there!

Neat shot against mirrors of Sean

Baltimore’s World Trade Center
Baltimore Aquarium in background
And we took the ‘side trip’ from Baltimore to Fort McHenry where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write our national anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.
Brian-watch out!
(Opps-that’s my funny shot)
Sean and Dianne with harbor in background

We got to see Chincoteague Island and really loved the place too!

Dianne on Chincoteague beach

Chincoteague wild horses zoom

Because we had the Mariner, we got to travel more than we had in previous years.

Sean and I saw the taping of a local Philly talk show and one of the guests was ace Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee!

Us in the audience!

We went to the tribute band event ‘Beatlemania’ down in National Harbor, MD

Heading for concerts
Dianne posing at the Gaylord fountain

We took a little time to see Alexandria, VA. and liked it there as well.
Flag draped city hall

At the end of September, we finally got to go to a mini reunion for my high school class in Ocean City, NJ! It was fun and we enjoyed seeing the town of OC and Cape May, NJ also. My mom was along for that trip.

Some of the gang from the class of 77
My mom Jeanne in front of the Virginia Hotel

Brian took me up to York, PA again in October so I could attend the rubber stamp and scrapbooking show and we looked around the town a bit, not as much as I would have liked. But we went over to Mount Joy so we could eat at Bubbe’s Pub.

Brian at Bube's Brewery

I got to see my little pal Nick and his mom Jenn on his second birthday when we spent the day at Longwood Gardens:

Playing with Pumpkins
And oh Longwood…I really went there so many more times than I have in the past and hope to do so this year too!

And the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in November up in Oaks, PA was fun too-never been to that either. I found some nice gifts for people there.

So, it was a good year that we got to go places and see new things. We got to spend time with old and new friends and our family. I always like spending time with Brian and Sean, but this group-my ‘almost’ children (and mom too). : )

I want to get back on the weight loss track, one reason I posted photos of me at different angles. I plan to keep walking in the lovely local park and Longwood too!

And I can’t forget about getting the job. I’m wondering if I’ll still be there next week, only time will tell! If not, I’ll be taking a break for a month or so to get the house in shape and do some art.

New gadget on the way


My Uncle Don left me a little something in his will, I think to get a used car with it. So I got the PT Cruiser in July and it’s financed, but isn’t that much a month. I wanted some kind of tablet for us all to use, so today I looked on the Apple refurbished page and ordered an iPad2 32 gb for an excellent price. Sean says that his store sells the 16gb for the same price that I paid! We’ve bought other refurbished things and Apple has a good reputation and won’t send me anything scratched, etc. (at least I hope not). Here’s a sneak peek:

It will be great on trips instead of lugging around a laptop. The 32 gb is great for movies, etc. I’ll let you know about it.

I swear every time I’m excited about something, something else happens. My brother’s 11 yr old dalmation Baxter is having  G.I. issues, and he is taking him to the vet. I hope he’s okay-such a nice dog and always glad to see you. Mom and Don have to get up several times a night for the poor fella.

Some holiday shots


For some reason, we left the camera on a high ISO rating, thus the photos are not as sharp as they could have been.

Mom’s Christmas fairy display

Part of her massive lighted house display (my brother did a ton of decorating)

Me and her dog Kelsey

The Comcast offered a roaring fire for atmosphere

We had turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce with walnuts and mandarin oranges and what I made puffy cauliflower casserole and ultimate green beans. The recipe called for a pinch of hot pepper flakes and must have really ‘activated’ when my brother reheated them. They were way too spicy.

I’m wearing a vest I’ve had for a while with a new top. Both Brian and Sean are wearing new shirts. You can tell Brian’s been sick from his dark circles. He’s getting there. These were taken before the tablet cracked. After that, we were kind of sad for the rest of the evening.

Update-Sean was able to return the tablet and get a refund. We’re saving up for a better brand that doesn’t break as easily.

This welcomed Christmas Day


I never had a white Amaryllis and I’m loving it.

We had a nice Christmas eve and Christmas. We did get together with almost everyone except my oldest brother who is a tech down at KYW tv in Philly. We said hi through my sister-in-law’s iPad. Speaking of tablets, I got one from Sean and it got a crack in the glass and hopefully he can return it. The blasted thing is made of glass and it slipped out of the case right on the floor and got the crack. I didn’t even have it 11 hours. I was showing it to my mom and was using the Kindle case (should have left it home) and forgot to zipper it  when I got home and out if slid. I think it has to had a defect to break so easily! My brother says he has dropped his phone (me too) many times without a problem.

Anyway Sean got us a blu-ray player and the picture is really nice. He also got us a Kodak wireless printer (gotta love that he works at a Wally World). We got a family gift of a Keurig coffee maker which was fun to use this morning.

I did take a few photos last night and today, but only had the ones from last night on the computer.

My niece Tori opening her gifts from us-a book that featured making jewelry from famous paintings and a friendship bracelet kit.

Almost all of the cousins (missing Kenny-but he did join) having fun.

Sean and his Mom mom.



Card that was on my hospital bassinet
I was the second child and the only girl of four born this day in 1959. I’ve always loved Barbie who was ‘born’ in February of the same year. Lots of celebrities are my age like Marie Osmond, John McEnroe and Sarah Ferguson. Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan and Calvin Klein share my birthday as does a good friend of Brian’s Kathy. My brother’s late friend Carol was also born today. Mom almost gave me a 1st birthday gift the following year when my brother Don was born on the 28th of the November. I tell Sean he was my early 27th birthday gift and Sean is 25, the reverse of my age!
Brian and I got engaged on my 23rd birthday too. Lots of nice things associated with my big day. Not sure if we will go out for dinner, we’ll have to see how Brian is later.
My baby book

Found this yesterday blooming in a very dead looking garden. It’s the Julia Child rose that Brian got me as a gift a year or two ago.

Chocolate cupcakes (gluten free) with butter cream icing.

My mom and brother sent me Stargazer lilies, a teddy bear and chocolates. I got some awesome cards and a Target gift card from my pal Carole (Pea) and calendars from pal Angela. Sean gave me a Walmart gift card, the Jackie Evancho Christmas, candles and a t-shirt from the college he is attending and needs to return as it’s too big. Brian gave me a ‘D’ necklace and a heart necklace from Peebles. He had gotten me the other necklace from the craft show a few weeks ago. I bought myself the Sephora make-up kit and a few cross stitch charts for my collection.
Brian didn’t go to the restaurant with Sean and me. At the last minute we went to a pub at a golf course as I had an coupon and Sean’s dinner was practically free. We brought Brian home some onion soup. Sean tends to walk way a head of people and he was already to the car and I tripped over the curb. He said he looked over and I was in a bush. I sprang up fast, but my right hand is sore and I scraped my left boot. I felt silly! I’m just relaxing now.

Found amongst his possessions


My Uncle Don passed away almost a year ago (Dec. 7th) and his stepdaughter and her family cleaned out and sold his home this year.  I should add, his wife is almost 96 and in a nursing home. My family didn’t hardly get anything of his (tools, an heirloom copper pot that was from ‘our’ family that my mom asked for, etc.) I went down to mom’s a few weeks ago and saw this laying on the table:

Uncle Don had drawn this of Sean-I think he was about 10. (He had  blue and ‘red’ pjs on). This is really precious to me and I wish it wasn’t all bent up. He probably didn’t think it was good enough to give us, but I could tell it was Sean the minute I laid my eyes on it.  Thanks Uncle Don from Babycakes. : )

Bri is still sick and running a fever, so it was wise we didn’t go anywhere. Not to sound selfish, but I hope to heck I don’t catch it as I have the new job looming on Monday. They say you can catch stuff from people when they are first getting sick-oh great. I am using my neti pot, my ferrum phosphate  (a natural pain killer and for inflammation) and Vicks. I may take a walk around the yard for fresh air, briefly as it’s really chilly in the 40s today.

Have a great weekend-I’ll be a year older tomorrow!

Delmarva trip part 2


I’ve had a few days to unwind now, so I thought I’d continue my vacation post.
On Wednesday we checked out of our Ocean City, MD hotel and headed to the O.C.Inlet area. I love this area as it’s mostly ocean everywhere you look. We got comfy and a young lady lifeguard told us it was a ‘surfer’s beach’ to a certain point. If more than a couple surfers showed up, we were to move behind a certain area. They never did. There is a jetty in this area where people were fishing and a foghorn that goes off every so often.
Jetty at Ocean City, MD
Ocean City, MD inlet
Relaxing at the Ocean City Inlet
We are pretty much the whitest people on the beach-lol! We all got some sunburn-Brian and Sean’s was more blotchy on their chests and tummy.
Before the sunburn at Ocean City
Ocean City Inlet area
This it the parking for the inlet and boardwalk. Incidently, Sean is on the way home from O.C. from an overnight trip with pals. He stayed in a place that had an indoor skating rink!
So…we stayed here about 1.5 hours and then went for lunch and a little shopping before we headed to Chincoteague, Virginia. Sean’s phone GPS took us down some very rural back roads. We passed several decrepid houses, about 4 ancient cemeteries and acres and acres of corn or marsh. Another home had several ‘bottle trees’ like they have down in the south. I think they weren’t real trees, but like faux Christmas trees that were probably hand done. This is something I only saw for a few seconds.
This is what we saw when we were headed to the island:
Car shot leaving Chincoteague
We got to our hotel and were pleasantly surprised by this homey place:

Where we stayed in Virginia
The Refuge Inn
Refuge Inn pool
The pool was half enclosed and there was a hot tub nearby. I’m the only one who splashed around in the pool!
We headed to the beach as we were early for check in. It’s about 5 minutes or so away. What a beautiful place! Even more ocean than O.C.!
Dianne and Sean Chincoteague beach
We did see a herd of wild ponies on our way to the beach. That was a treat!
Chincoteague wild horse spotted!
and with a zoom:
Chincoteague wild horses zoom
I wanted to see the Assateague lighthouse so we stopped there as it was minutes away from the beach. We were told while shopping to get ‘Off!’ by a helpful store clerk and didn’t think to spray ourselves before we started the trek to the lighthouse! I’ve never seen so many hungry mosquitoes. We did get some bites, I think I got about 7 that took a few days to show up. Here is the 140+ year old lighthouse. (We didn’t get to climb it though).
Us at the Assateague Lighthouse
Assateague lighthouse
Assateague lighthouse door
I’ll stop here and finish up tomorrow where I will show you the Chincoteague Museum with taxidermy of the real Misty the pony! I read ‘Misty of Chincoteague’ over 40 yrs ago!
PS-for Zoey!
Pretty planter outside the inn

Catching the bride


We had a lovely time helping Jenn, a sweet Collins cousin celebrate her marriage to Mike. Wasn’t she a beautiful bride and look at that gown!

MaryAnne, Mike, Jenn and Aunt Sue
MaryAnne-my sister-in-law and also cousin of the bride; Mike the groom; Jenn and Aunt Sue, MaryAnne’s mom.
Sean and Jenn
Jenn and Sean are 3 months apart in age, though she graduated a year before he did from the same high school.
Jon takes daughter Jenn to the altar
I love Mike’s face here! That’s Jon, Jenn’s dad.
The little ringbearer started to get antsy
We were entertained by the little ringbearer-his mom was a bridesmaid and not amused. I think he’s about 4.

The new Mr. and Mrs. : )
Pronounced Mr. and Mrs.
Taking photos at the lovely country club:
The wedding party getting photos taken
Di and Bri at the Reception
Brian and me at the reception
Here’s an update for Zoey about the food…
We had a choice between salmon with crab imperial or chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes. We chose the salmon-a very large piece with delicious scalloped potatoes and green beans. They had a spring garden salad first with blue cheese, cranberries and red pear tomatoes with a Balsamic dressing-really good. I saw the man near me pick out all the good stuff! And there was an hour of appetizers with appletinis (they ran out-but they had an open bar) and coconut shrimp, spring rolls, sushi in a little ice cream cone like cracker (I don’t like sushi) and a few others. Wedding cakes and homemade cookies for dessert-the groom’s family are bakers! : )