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One year ago


I was not to be seen in blogland for over 3 days. I had that gnawing pain in my gut and it turned out to be a bum appendix (with a benign polyp) and a case of pneumonia and I ended up in the hospital. I didn’t feel that bad from it really, but the shots in the tummy were not fun nor getting pumped up with medication. The guys went out and bought the Mariner the day after I got home, a big surprise!

So this January it’s all about the teeth. Went for a cleaning, they took x-rays and all the work that needs to be fixed sprang out from the shadows. Yesterday I went to the dentist and was there two hours. So nice of them to let me use an iPod with James Taylor drowning out the drilling-which I wondered why went on for over 4 songs. Seems I had 4 cavities and of course had the temp crowns made. My gums are hurting a bit, but so far I can live with it.

I declared Fridays for ‘Arts and Crafts’ on a Facebook post. I don’t necessarily mean all day, but it can be from paper collaging to baking for a few hours-I just want to produce something to share. : ) I need to do this for myself. I am happy getting help with the big jobs like the basement so I can think of being creative again. What was down in that dungeon (and still is) taking up space was insane. I have a few boxes to sort, maybe tomorrow if I can lean over.

I’m waiting to hear from a few online sites about writing articles for them. I submitted a blog post, so hello there if you happen to read this too. The child care leads seems to be going no where. I don’t have a premium account, not sure if that’s it, but it’s expensive. I got a background check thinking that may make the people happy-maybe I’m too old.

Brandywine Christmas


Brandywine Christmas 076, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Brandywine Christmas-that's Sean
Sean and I ventured down to the Brandywine River Museum to see their Christmas display as it will be over soon. We enjoyed getting in for a good price between Sean being a student and having a coupon (from the book I get every year). I particularly liked the above shot of the statue ‘Boy with Hawk’ with the wreath. The Ann Wyeth McCoy dolls were really sweet and varied in size from tiny to life size. The trains are always a hit with the kids to the grown ups. They had a drive-in, fairgrounds, and a replica of the Herr’s Snack food plant that is down in Nottingham, Pa. Did I forget to mention it was in the 60s and it’s January? I always like looking at the Wyeth paintings too. I don’t recall seeing the Helga nudes, so that was interesting. We had fun seeing the rabbit sculpture to the left of the museum.
Brandywine Christmas Doll peeking out window
Brandywine Christmas Dolls in bedroom scene
Brandywine Christmas Dolls with Ann painting on wall

That’s a painting of the collector Ann Wyeth McCoy in the background there.
Brandywine Christmas people watching trains
Seven dwarfs made out of seeds and natural things

Amazing ‘critters’!
Brandywine Christmas critter tree

Dianne and the Brandywine Bunny sculpture

Next holiday please


Valentine's Day lighted branch display

When I was at Kmart earlier this week, I saw they had pink, red and white smaller Christmas balls for 50% off. As you know, I never pay full price for anything if I don’t have to. So I bought a few boxes of them. I then went in CVS and they had the silvery white branches with white lights-$5. I have that neat red martini pitcher I found at an antique store that use to be in a train car up in our town many years ago. I love that pitcher! The birds were 50 cents and the mylar in red and pink were cut from garland. Under $10. (I made the ‘Love’ house out of a food storage box a few years ago).

And some new things for my winter alpine forest display

Winter display gnome and frog

Close up of trees and birds

Reading is ‘fun’damental

Bookmark for Art n’ Soul, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I was itchy to dig into my paper stuff and that’s what I did in the late afternoon yesterday. I needed a few hours of vegetating as I was achy all over. Not use to standing over 20 hours and so many days in a row. Some may call me a wimp, but I do have issues with my knees, etc.. I’m going to a new doctor on Tuesday to get a check up for the medication I take. That and to ask her if she thinks I have widespread arthritis or something. I blame Lyme Disease on that. When I am able to go to Longwood Gardens, it usually is a day I feel strong and able to walk. I thought for sure walking for up to a mile a few times a week for a month or so may help me be able to stand on my feet. I guess I was wrong. So now I’m looking for a child care position and did contact a lady I had a few weeks ago. I know I can surely do that as I would be ‘sitting’ and helping the kids with homework, etc. Crossing fingers.

So back to the bookmark! My group on Flickr is having a bookmark swap. It had to be shabby chic with a touch of lace. I found the little girl and she’s about to read a book, so perfect! The key is suppose to be her’s that she tied to her bookmark not to lose. : ) The background paper and ‘read’ stickers are Tim Holtz designs and I even shared them the bookmark with him on Facebook.

I may go to ‘the store’ to do some shopping as I have that discount and a 30% off coupon. Since they didn’t plan to keep me past the beginning of the year, I may just do some power shopping. : ) Please be good knees.

Sugarloaf Craft Festival


Facebook is a good place to find places to go on the weekend! A pal in New Jersey mentioned she went to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in her state last weekend. I looked up the festival and its next stop was Oaks, PA. this weekend!

I asked Brian if we could go and he said fine (it’s about an hour away). It was easy to find and very crowded. I had coupons off the internet, so we saved $1 each.  The first thing that caught my eye was this:

I didn’t purchase it  right away, but Brian did buy it for me as a birthday gift. This isn’t the chain it came with as it was a bit too short for my liking. The gem is a Mystic or Rainbow Topaz-the topaz is my birthday gem and it comes in all colors, though this colorless stone is treated with something to give it an aurora borealis appearance. This photo doesn’t do it justice-guess it’s about 2 carats and wasn’t really pricey.

There were over 250 vendors and most of the items were priced on the high side. I got a good look at gorgeous scarves, but  for $45-160, I will make my own or find them elsewhere. We did buy some chocolate and candy goodies to enjoy and give as gifts. I tried a slushy wine product (yum).

I happened upon this pottery place and decided to get a large mug-it’s like 12 oz or more! Only $10. Then I saw a chowder bowl, which is good for my oatmeal and cereal.

And compared to the one I bought in the 1970s that my mom returned to me a few years back:

This company is called Transformations

See how it goes from the state of Pennsylvania and  Declaration of Independence and is transformed into the Liberty Bell?
Bought some nice soap from North Carolina:

This is sitting on top of a couple of sheets of homemade paper I bought.
When we were leaving to go to the Chester County booksale, I took this photo of the 1918 Oaks train station out the car window:

We got to the book sale about 45 minutes before it closed. I managed to find a few books from the Martha Stewart Halloween book to the Chincoteague Island book (from 1977). I think they all (plus a paperback Bri got and one I got for his dad were $12.

I’ll let you know if the flat belly diet works! LOL Saw the authors on Rachael Ray a year or so ago and was intrigued, but not intrigued enough to spend $25.
Nice illustrations in the clothing book:

The lighthouse we saw a few months ago:

Cute cover of the book

I went with Brian to see his dad, it’s been a long time since I saw him, but I hear him every day several times a day as Bri must use the speaker part of the phone all the time. We went food shopping for him too.
Also wanted to share some roses I bought-$1 a stem at Fresh Market. They had about 15 or more different colors. They lasted beautifully.

Cherry Brandy

Jade green and a pretty sunshiny yellow

Thinking handcrafting Christmas goodies


I’m going to start looking into making some gifts for Christmas this year. I am running across some fab ideas on Pinterest like a snowball wreath with a mixture of Styrofoam and glass balls. I saw a few decorations using vintage music sheets. I should get my mom involved too. Speaking of mom, I went down to see her on Thursday to take her out to lunch. She was kind of shuffling her feet and got a little winded. She also wasn’t wearing her glasses which didn’t help. Anyway, I’m going to be pulling out my Christmas books that include crafty stuff. The holidays are coming up fast!

A little autumn decor


This is a cellphone upload, so it could be a little better. These are most of the gourds I grew-two were different with the little green stripes around the bottom, so they are in the other room. I wanted the ‘looking glass’ spray paint and Sean couldn’t locate it at Walmart-this is ‘plain’ silver. I then got some gold too. These are in a light yellow gold in the family room.

Speaking of that room, I worked all day in there to the beat of James Taylor and Carole King’s ‘Troubadour’ concert and a little Bonnie Raitt. Cosmo was not amused as I don’t play my CDs that often, and he stayed out of the room. It’s the next biggest room 15′ x 20′ (it was the garage) and I’m not finished. Seemed I had a lot of paper sorting and dusting. Found sewing I need to do-just turn up the cuffs on jackets, turn up slacks (a life long issue) and make a dress shorter.
Nothing from any of the applications yet. I’m really hoping American Greetings gets back to me as I would like to get my foot in the door that way (stocking cards). Crossing fingers.

Finally crafting


A few weeks ago I received a note in the mail inviting me to a baby shower. I hadn’t seen the young man for many years and didn’t know he was married and he and his wife were expecting. I knew I wanted to make something as the couple has a Winnie the Pooh theme. I looked around my stash and found an unpainted frame and made this:

I had a Winnie greeting card and he was holding a snowball-so I found the button border trim and now he is holding a button! It was fun to do and I have a few more little things to include with that Winnie theme. I will mail off the package today even though it’s about an hour or so away as I need to keep the next week open in case I hear back from prospective employers. The shower is on Thursday.
Need to get a flu shot one of these days-maybe today. We need to finish up the outside. I left a few crates outs and they were no where to be seen. I’m wondering if Bri just put them back in the shed and forgot. All I could see is a groundhog pulling them down the gulley-lol.
We are still getting nice weather which is suppose to change later in the week. I can then get the rest of my clothes sorted out.
Have a pleasant week!

Serious stash additions


Since I had the yard sales and made a little spending moola, I went a little hog wild at the York Rubber stamp and paper show this year. I have ‘always’ wanted the Alice in Wonderland stamp set which was the most expensive thing I bought, but there are 10 rubber stamps in it. I also bought a few unmounted stamps. This one lady said ‘half the price, twice the work’, but I just got some double sided sticky tape for Marilyn Monroe and the vintage lady and stuck them on an acrylic block. No big deal.
I found some ‘Vintage business papers’ (not really vintage, but it will give me that feel); glitter, stamp pads and little embellishments like keys and frames. This one place had stuff like that $3 and under. I loved shopping there. I can’t wait to get to work other than just testing the goods. Watch this blog now!
Vintage Business paper label
Non-stamping stash
Alice in Wonderland
Stamp for jewelry making
The butterfly stamp for making jewelry-they used crystals and how gorgeous they are!
Picture Show stamps
The mascot for a company-the lady’s favorite Easter gift as a child.
Gifts for mom
Gifts for my mom. : ) (These look a bit like her little dawg Kelsey). The glass dog was found at the book and emporium (I haven’t taken photos of what I bought there).