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Some home shares

The porcelain girls, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

There is a nice thrift shop that is part of the hospital where my mom goes to the doctor. Sometimes if I have more time, I’ll run in there myself. On Monday we dropped in, and I found a gorgeous tapestry jacket-it’s in greens and golds. When I wear it I’ll make a point of taking a photo. Then mom found a plaid green and blue mohair jacket. It was a 2P and she tried it on and it fit perfectly. I was happy mine was a’ L’ ! So we were pleased we found a few things we liked right away and went downstairs in the shop where I found the sweet doll in the red and white for $5. I do have some dolls around the house and haven’t bought one for years. The little girl in the plaid is by Richard Simmons and she is usually holding a gift. Both will be put away in a few weeks anyway. ‘Olivia’, my doll with the pink bow is out year ’round. She was pricey when I bought her. I always thought I’d have a daughter with green eyes and the curly hair as it runs on Brian’s side of the family. Sean has more of the Knowles family wavy hair. The doll in red is by Knowles china!
I found these cute Carnival glass butterfly dishes- salts maybe? There probably is suppose to be 4.
Butterfly dishes
I haven’t taken photos in a while and here is the ‘Sweets’ tree that was on the camera but not uploaded yet:
2011  Sweets tree
And my Valentine art from last week:
Lovebirds Valentine

Sweet Valentines
I hope to do something more crafty over the weekend. Today I went to the dentist at 11:20 as my temp crown broke off in the back again and he decided to make a new one. When he went to smooth it, the drill made it pop off and break. So now the third one is in my mouth and it looks and feels much better. I have 11 days to wait for the permanent crowns. It’s been a crazy dental month! NYC in a month!

Let’s hope these fixes hold


I was at the dentist yet again. The new temp duo was fixed by the dentist’s assistant (got a chip in it last night) and I asked her to check my upper crown too. She called the dentist in and he filled it like a cavity. He said no more crowns for that one, that he’d continue to fix it until I eventually need an implant. I had a bit of a rant in an email to him last night…some of my words…’financial burden’….’my anxiety level keeps raising’… I guess he got the picture. I came home and ate popcorn. Hopefully all will stay good for a few more weeks until the crowns are ready. The receptionist tried to milk more moola out of me, ‘for my balance’. I said in two weeks. It was rough waiting until 5 to go. I ate dinner at 4-shrimp fried rice and apple chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s.

All was well with my mom. I should have started off with that. Being a lady’s matter I’m sure she wouldn’t want me to come right out and say what was the matter. I’ll say one word, (so go look it up) ‘prolapsed’. She’s good for another year and is getting a mammogram soon. She had us worried, but she’s like her mom and bounces back.  The weather was strange yesterday-rainy, a bit warm and foggy-perfect for ducks.

I’ve been working on projects, including one for a Flickr group. They all need finishing touches and I will share soon. Doing these helped get my mind off my teeth and annoying postnasal drip. The later seems to get stirred up every few weeks.

I got declined from the online writing job. I guess they thought either my blog stunk or I didn’t have enough writing experience. I took a look at one of their writers when I was checking out their site and she was just alright, nothing flashy about her writing. Brian just reminded me that I took a correspondence course in the 90s and did have samples of my actual ‘typed’ writing. I got a diploma for ‘Writing for Children’s Magazines’. Maybe I should see if that is still in demand.  So the search goes on.  BTW, this is post 3, 293- So there….

Better start living up to my blog name


I worked on three projects last night, one of which was:

The little love bird is new and a Martha S. piece. I have the copy machine with the printer and the edging is some copied music I accordian pleated.

Today I remembered that there was that fab book sale a few miles away down in Hockessin, DE. I called the library and sure enough, it was running a few more hours. I high tailed it down there and if they were going to close at 3, they would have been crazy-the place was jam packed! I hesitated buying a bag for $6 and finally did. Well, you know I can’t just buy one book. I had such a heavy bag, I had to leave it near the door and go get the car first. I got a few for my mom.

Of course we were saddened (and I shed a few tears) over the passing of former Penn State football coach Joe ‘JoePa’ Paterno at the age of 85. The scandal from a few months ago hastened the poor man’s bout with lung cancer. He is survived by his wife Sue (who gave communion to Sean a few times at church), his 5 children and 17  grandchildren. There is quite a memorial now outside of Beaver Stadium near his bronze statue.

Off to my mom’s to take her to the doctor tomorrow. I know she is nervous about her reoccurring issue over the last 50 odd years.  Keep her in your thoughts.

One year ago


I was not to be seen in blogland for over 3 days. I had that gnawing pain in my gut and it turned out to be a bum appendix (with a benign polyp) and a case of pneumonia and I ended up in the hospital. I didn’t feel that bad from it really, but the shots in the tummy were not fun nor getting pumped up with medication. The guys went out and bought the Mariner the day after I got home, a big surprise!

So this January it’s all about the teeth. Went for a cleaning, they took x-rays and all the work that needs to be fixed sprang out from the shadows. Yesterday I went to the dentist and was there two hours. So nice of them to let me use an iPod with James Taylor drowning out the drilling-which I wondered why went on for over 4 songs. Seems I had 4 cavities and of course had the temp crowns made. My gums are hurting a bit, but so far I can live with it.

I declared Fridays for ‘Arts and Crafts’ on a Facebook post. I don’t necessarily mean all day, but it can be from paper collaging to baking for a few hours-I just want to produce something to share. : ) I need to do this for myself. I am happy getting help with the big jobs like the basement so I can think of being creative again. What was down in that dungeon (and still is) taking up space was insane. I have a few boxes to sort, maybe tomorrow if I can lean over.

I’m waiting to hear from a few online sites about writing articles for them. I submitted a blog post, so hello there if you happen to read this too. The child care leads seems to be going no where. I don’t have a premium account, not sure if that’s it, but it’s expensive. I got a background check thinking that may make the people happy-maybe I’m too old.

Brandywine Christmas


Brandywine Christmas 076, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Brandywine Christmas-that's Sean
Sean and I ventured down to the Brandywine River Museum to see their Christmas display as it will be over soon. We enjoyed getting in for a good price between Sean being a student and having a coupon (from the book I get every year). I particularly liked the above shot of the statue ‘Boy with Hawk’ with the wreath. The Ann Wyeth McCoy dolls were really sweet and varied in size from tiny to life size. The trains are always a hit with the kids to the grown ups. They had a drive-in, fairgrounds, and a replica of the Herr’s Snack food plant that is down in Nottingham, Pa. Did I forget to mention it was in the 60s and it’s January? I always like looking at the Wyeth paintings too. I don’t recall seeing the Helga nudes, so that was interesting. We had fun seeing the rabbit sculpture to the left of the museum.
Brandywine Christmas Doll peeking out window
Brandywine Christmas Dolls in bedroom scene
Brandywine Christmas Dolls with Ann painting on wall

That’s a painting of the collector Ann Wyeth McCoy in the background there.
Brandywine Christmas people watching trains
Seven dwarfs made out of seeds and natural things

Amazing ‘critters’!
Brandywine Christmas critter tree

Dianne and the Brandywine Bunny sculpture

Next holiday please


Valentine's Day lighted branch display

When I was at Kmart earlier this week, I saw they had pink, red and white smaller Christmas balls for 50% off. As you know, I never pay full price for anything if I don’t have to. So I bought a few boxes of them. I then went in CVS and they had the silvery white branches with white lights-$5. I have that neat red martini pitcher I found at an antique store that use to be in a train car up in our town many years ago. I love that pitcher! The birds were 50 cents and the mylar in red and pink were cut from garland. Under $10. (I made the ‘Love’ house out of a food storage box a few years ago).

And some new things for my winter alpine forest display

Winter display gnome and frog

Close up of trees and birds