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Finished Charity quilt square


I had a little time before dinner to sit a spell. The luggage is pretty much packed. I need to water some flowers outside after we eat. Yesterday I planted the iris rhizomes that came. I thought a few didn’t look that great, so I will email the company to see about replacements for them.
I went to the doctor and more or less the midwife (a new lady who looks like an older version of my sister-in-law MaryAnne) said my odd complaints are due to my age. Oh great.
Anyway, here is a charity square I just completed. They are for a bird themed quilt and are baby blue birds.

Links to Charity stitching


I just want to get up on my soapbox and give my little ‘why don’t you do some charity stitching’ speech!
Here’s a great link:
CyberStitchers Cross-Stitch Picture Galleries:Calling All Stitchers!
I am pleased to say that I have contributed to 3 of the 7 charities listed. I see that St. Jude’s would like cross stitched bookmarks! I like to stitch them myself, so I plan to make some in the future. How easy are bookmarks?
I love to make kids happy and charity stitching is perfect. I get to stitch and I get to contribute my work to a needy cause. Enough said. : )

Stitching Blogger’s question


How has your stitching evolved since you first started stitching?
The logicial answer is probably to say I went from less complicated designs to more elaborate and detailed designs and I can surely say I have tried a few harder projects. I guess it’s evolved in a way that I am not just stitching for myself and family. I am stitching for people I don’t even know because of my charity stitching. Plus, back in the late 70s there wasn’t a heck of a lot of designs out there like there is today.
I have always admired The Prairie Schooler and The Cross-eyed Cricket (I just finished up the girl in my side bar and she’s a CC and I started a CC nature sampler). I have most of these leaflets though I know I won’t stitch them all. My stash is huge! I really need to get serious about what I am going to do and what I need to get rid of. Whole other subject.

I was thinking about my stitching goals for April:

1). Finish up Sean’s graduation gift-a blue mortar board sampler that includes his name and school. I think I will try and make a tassel and get some metal numbers as not to use the real tassel he will be getting.

2). Get all the colors I need for my new big project ‘A Walk in the Woods’ by Cross-eyed Cricket. I am a little peeved as the fabric is only giving me an inch border on all sides. I machine sewed the edge and used fray check.

3). Work on the little linen herbal sampler by Shepherd’s Bush that has been a devil of a design to start.

4). Finish a Prairie Schooler Santa I started a few months ago.

5). Get another UFO out of the way, maybe the small swan on lily pad.

6). Get the charity quilt design ‘The Fledgings’ bluebird babies kitted up.

7). Start some Christmas ornaments to sell at Church bazaar in the fall.